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Worried about your units finances during these times?

During this unprecedented time, when we've had to pause in-person guiding, you might be worried about how to handle the unit subscriptions that parents pay.

It’s likely that your unit costs will be reduced while you’re not meeting, but there may be some things that you still need to pay, such as rent on storage spaces or buying interest badges once you’re able to.

Now is a good time to re-budget for the year so that you can decide what fees you might need to charge or what fundraising you need to plan to meet these costs. Check out our guidance on budgeting for your unit. Don’t forget you can also set up a Gift Aid account if you haven’t already.

To help you talk to parents, girlguiding has developed four template messages. They explain subs payments to parents, and you can send them as a letter or an email. They're designed for you to adapt to reflect your unit’s situation. Each template has options in there which you can delete or use as appropriate. Click on the link below for more information.


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