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Learning & development


Learning and Development

Opportunities for volunteers to receive and expand their knowledge and skills.

Opportunities for volunteers to receive and expand their knowledge and skills.

Welcome to the Cornwall Learning and Development page. We offer many training opportunities to build your skills as a volunteer and chances to learn new things which enable you to grow to become the best leader possible. We know that all girls benefit when you make great guiding happen! 

Don't forget you can access e-learning through the national Girlguiding Learning & Development platform here.  If it's your first visit, enter your Go username then click 'forgot password' to set a new password.

Our Learning and Developement Propectus has all the information you need to find the trainings planned for the next 18 months in Cornwall.

Meet the Training Team
Meet the Training Team

"We are the Training Team here in Cornwall.  We are South West Region Trainers and form part of the Learning and Development Girlguiding Cornwall Team.


As trainers, we are here to facilitate and deliver learning opportunities that give our volunteers the motivation and confidence to provide good guiding for our girls."

Sarah Powlesland - County Learning and Development Team Leader

What do we offer?
What do we offer?
  • First Response

  • Safeguarding all Levels (2 to 4)

  • Leaders in Training (LITs)

  • All Mentor Training

  • Commissioner Training

  • County Training Days (programme training)

  • Accounts & Gift Aid (Financial Management) Training Session

How to apply for a training
How to apply for a Cornwall County training.

All trainings can be booked through the website.

You will be able to complete the Registration Form on the booking page! 


If you need to PAY you will do this on the website when you book. Virtual trainings are free. Don't forget to print out your receipt so you can claim it back from your unit as all trainings are a legitimate unit expense. All face to face trainings are £6 but there will be a fee to to pay. Will aim to keep it cheaper than printing the form off, buying an envelope and a stamp!

When you have completed the process you will receive an email confirming your place. You will also receive a reminder email three days before the training. Should you not receive these, then please contact asap, especially if you are missing the Zoom details for a training.

Closing date for all trainings is three days before the training is due to take place.

If you are booked on and unable to attend, please let county admin know as soon as possible.

First Response
1st Response

1st Response is Girlguiding's own first aid course.

Girlguding encourages all of our volunteers to complete first aid training to ensure that our members are kept as safe as possible when they are in our care.  


This training course is especially useful for Commissioners, Leaders, Young Leaders and Unit Helpers. Rangers can complete the course as part of their personal development.

The following members are required to attend the training:

  • Volunteers completing the Leadership Qualification (without a valid equivalent first aid qualification)

  • Commissioners

  • One person at every unit meeting must have a valid first aid qualification. 

You will need to attend a local training session for 1st Response and complete the 1st Response e-learning.


The aim of 1st Response is to ensure that Girlguiding members are kept as safe as possible while they are in our care.



By the end of the training participants will have been:

  • Provided with simple life-saving first aid skills that are relevant to their guiding role

  • Helped to build confidence and skills in coping with emergency and first aid situations

  • Equipped with the knowledge needed to manage these emergencies

See the full 1st Response syllabus for details of everything the course covers.

What you need to do:

You will need to attend a local training session for 1st Response and complete the 1st Response e-learning.

The 1st Response training session can be delivered both in-person or virtually using an online platform. The training is 6 hours long and can de delivered in one day or split into multiple sessions. Anyone attending a virtual training will need to meet a trainer in-person to complete some practical elements. 

The E-learning can be completed before or after the full training course, and must be completed in order to be recognised as a first aider in Girlguiding. The e-learning will take 10 - 15 minutes to complete.

There is no set time between completing your virtual 1st Response training and doing your practical skills check with a trainer. However we would encourage you to do these within three months of each other if location and individual circumstances allow.

If you already have a first aid qualification, you may not need to attend our 1st Response course. 


For your first aid qualification to be considered equivalent, it should:

  • Be valid

  • Have involved a training that was at least six hours long

  • Included training for both adult and child CPR

  • Covered all other topics in 1st Response training


If you have completed an external course that does not include child or adult CPR, then you should join part of a 1st Response which covers this. Alternatively, speak with the training team to see how we can help.


You might have completed the main training virtually with Girlguiding but the practical bit externally and again this is okay as long as it included training for both adult and child CPR.

Process for checking equivalency

Check if your external qualification first aid qualification is suitable for Girlguiding by working through the 1st Response syllabus and checking that everything has been covered in your external training. You will then need to upload a copy of your certificate to the Learning Platform and a South West Region Verifer will check over it for you. 

If you have a qualification or you have prior learning that has been accepted as an equivalent, you will still need to complete the 1st Response e-learning which covers the policies and procedures you need to know when you are a first aider at Girlguiding. You will need to complete this e-learning before your qualification is recorded on GO. 


What happens when my 1st Response training expires?

Your 1st Response training is valid for 3 years. You'll need to redo the full 6 hour training course and e-learning in order to make sure your training is up to date to keep all members safe.

More details about the 1st Response course are available on the national website.

Safeguarding L1-4
Safeguarding Level's 1-4


Support volunteers to create a safe environment where girls can be safe and have fun.



Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Our safeguarding training helps everyone to:

  • Understand their guiding role in safeguarding and what to do

  • Recognise potential safeguarding issues

  • Understand our safety and safeguarding policies

  • Discuss with other volunteers what to do

  • Answer their questions

There are four levels of training. All volunteers will need to do Level 1. This training is repeated at every level and is required to be updated every three years.


By December 2020 everyone needs to have the correct level of Safeguarding training for their role in guiding.


Safeguarding - Level 1 – An introduction
For all volunteers including: occasional helpers, GO coordinators, home contacts, parent helpers, peer educators, young leaders, mentors and Trefoil Guild members.  This is an e-learning training and must be completed before moving on to level 2 and 3. Click on the button below to complete the Level 1 e-learning.


Safeguarding - Level 2 – Creating a safe space
For leaders, assistant leaders, unit helpers, leaders in training, young leaders, Peer Educators and those that are doing level 3 and 4. Click the button below to complete Level 2 e-learning. (You must have completed Level 1 before you can complete Level 2).

Safeguarding -  Level 3 – Recognising, telling and taking action
For anyone leading a team of adults, leaders in charge (or at least one leader per unit with module four of the Leadership Qualification), mentors, advisers, coordinators (except GO coordinators), licence holders on residentials, trainers, tutors and those doing level 4. Visit Girlguiding SWE to book onto an online training.

Safeguarding - Level 4 – Managing concerns, allegations and disclosures
For all commissioners, designates, deputies and those sharing a role, trainers delivering Safeguarding, safeguarding leads and safeguarding advisers.  Level 4 has only been available during a commissioner training sessions but has recently gone online as national webinar trainings and regional webinars.

To book on to the national webinar you need to access your GO record and then in, "My Events", click on "View all available webinars". This will bring up all the webinars you are able to attend. Choose "Safeguarding Level 4". Where you can select a date and time to attend.

After you've done the training:

​Your GO record will be updated and you'll be sent a reminder that you will need to complete a refresher course when the qualification expires. This happens every three years for Levels 1-3 and every five years for Level 4.This ensures everyone is up to date and able to keep safeguarding and spotting concerns at the front of their mind.

To find out more about Safeguarding procedures, click the button below to be taken through to the Girlguiding website.​

Leader In Training
Leader In Training (LIT)


To become a leader, you'll need to complete the Leadership Qualification.

Click on the button to find our more about the Leadership Qualification and what is required.


What training and support will I get?

Everyone who undertakes Girlguiding's Leadership Qualification is assigned a mentor, a qualified Leader,  who will guide you through the syllabus and support you by answering any questions you may have.

Guidings ‘Beginning to Lead’ e-learning is designed to prepare you for leadership, and provide a great introduction to the role. Click the button below to take the e-learning.


As part of the leadership qualification, you will also need to attend First Response (first aid) training and Safeguarding. See above for more details on each of these.


LIT Training Days:


For Leaders In Training (LIT) to have the opportunity to complete various sections of the qualification, to have other parts of the qualification signed off, or to meet with a mentor and have a chat about progress made.


The day promises to be full of fun, laughter, and give LIT's the opportunity to meet new Girlguiding members from across the county.

Mentor Training


To cover the modules in the leadership qualification or other qualifications/awards and learn about Girlguiding's policies, processes and doing our best.


The day is for you to refresh your ideas of mentoring and network with other mentors in the county.

These trainings may also include other mentors such as: Outdoor, Queens Guide and Young Leaders mentors too. 


It is recommended that all mentors undertake the e-learning training and attend a face to face training.

Mentor Training
Commissioner/Commissioner Mentor Training
Commissioner Training


For district and division commissioners to come together to continue with their learning in managing people, dealing with complaints and other issues as requested.



The day is for commissioners:

  • To understand the role of the Commissioner

  • To gain the confidence you need to run your District/Division

  • To gain a better understand of the Girlguiding polices and processes

  • To support one another and a chance to network

What happens when I become a Commissioner?

Before starting as a Commissioner, you should undergo a six-month induction period as a Commissioner Designate. During this time, you will be supported by a Mentor who will be experienced in guiding and knowledgeable about your role.


If you're new to the role, our Commissioners handbooks are a great place to start - they cover everything you'll need to know about your responsibilities.


During the day at least 1 workshop will be devoted to training as a Commissioner Mentor. This will allow you to receive a refresher training and have the opportunity to focus on other training needs.  



County Training Day
County Training Day


For leaders to come together as a county to learn about the specialist framework, the 5 Essentials and delivering the sectional programme.


  • The day is guaranteed to be fun

  • Filled with learning and gaining new ideas

  • Gaining a sense of belonging in Girlguiding Cornwall

This is a day where all volunteers can come and learn about the programme and make good guiding happen.


Being a reliable team player, learning how to lead, developing a sense of well-being - Girlguiding offers all of this to girls and more.


The activities and adventures that the girls experience through the programme help them to learn about themselves and gain the skills and confidence to realise their dreams. The specialist frameworks and practical guidance collected together, helps leaders and volunteers to provide girls with a programme that supports their development.

Accounts (Financial Management) Training 
(Including Gift Aid)
Accounts Training


For leaders to come together to learn and understand financial management.


  • The day is guaranteed to be fun

  • Learning how to undertake the task of unit accounts

  • Gather more information about the world of financial management and what it means in Girlguiding

Need help with your accounts or Gift Aid?  During this training all volunteers can come and learn how to do the unit accounts and other aspects of financial management including Gift Aid, budgeting and financial risk management all in line with Girlguiding policy.  

Girlguiding learning platform

New Enquirers – Accessing the Learning Platform Process

Below is a step-by-step guide for the journey of new enquirers and how they can access the platform in order to complete their ‘A Safe Space’ e-learnings. Please disseminate to any new enquirers or commissioners who might need advice on how enquirers access the learning platform. This information will soon be available on Girlguidings website.


  1. Welcome to your Girlguiding journey. To become a full member, you will need to complete the first level of our safeguarding course ‘A Safe Space.’ We have recently launched a new learning platform, where a selection of our e-learnings are found, including ‘A Safe Space’. 

  2. To set up a learning platform account, you will need to register your GO account with a username and email address. There is a link in the first email you receive from Girlguiding, but you can also click this link to receive a GO invitation code.

  3. Alternatively, you can access the invitation code via the GO login page and clicking ‘Don’t have a login’.

sign in screen.jpg
  1. After you have set up your GO account, a learning platform account will automatically be set up for you in 24 hours.

  2. Whilst your username is the same for both platforms, your password will be different for GO and the learning platform and if you update your password on one system, it will not update your password on the other.

  3. This is the link to the learning platform login page. The bottom grey button entitled ‘first time here will open a section explaining how to access the platform. 

  4. To set your password, click the forgotten password link, which will send an email with a reset link.

  5. Click on the reset link in your email and input a new password.

  6. You will then be able to access the platform and complete your ‘A Safe Space’ or any other e-learnings and webinars you are interested in. Any e-learnings you complete will take 24 hours to synchronize over to your GO account.

  7. If you have any trouble accessing the platform or completing the e-learning, please email and they will be able to help.

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