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Trefoil Guild

Adults can complete badges and go on adventures too

Whether you’re involved in Girlguiding or not, Trefoil Guild is a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people to share your next adventure - whatever that might be!


In Cornwall we have Guilds across the whole County and each Guild is unique, and decides when and where they meet and they choose their own programme based around our shared aims.

  • To find Friendship 

  • Get Active 

  • Get Involved

  • To Give Support


There are optional Challenges to attempt either as an individual or as part of your Guild, and there are overseas opportunities to discover if that is where your interest lies. Programmes vary from close to home with local outings and giving support to the community, volunteering and fundraising, or holidays and ventures abroad. For the more adventurous, Trefoil Overseas Partnership - Adventure with Zest (T.O.P.A.Z.).  This offers our members international opportunities for personal development.

So, if you are a group of friends or just you, if you have never been involved before, or even if you still are, whatever your age, gender or religion and like the idea of being part of Girlguiding, and doing the fun things you enjoy or would like to try, either together with your peer group or in a mixed group, then please get in touch. A warm welcome is guaranteed!

Meet The County Team

County President


County Chair


County Secretary



County Treasurer



Programme Advisers

Mary and Sheila

County Programme and Development Adviser



International Adviser


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Public Relations Adviser



Voyage & Stars Adviser


Trefoil Guilds in Cornwall

Map 3.png
Kernow County Lones

There can be many reasons why you may not be able to join a Guild for regular meetings and activities. If you live in a remote area, work during the day, have young children or are less active and possibly housebound, we now have Kernow County Lones which means you can still become a member of Trefoil and not miss out on all the friendship and fun. Lones keep in touch with each other and the rest of Trefoil by newsletters, phone, email and however else they can, but they are still full members and can take part in any County events they wish to. To find out more please contact the County Chair.

The local contact for all information and enquires is through the County Chair who will put you in touch with the appropriate person.

Trefoil Challenges
Trefoil Stars.jpg


All our members are STARS and now they can gain a badge to prove it!

The themes and challenges within STARS encompass the four key messages of Trefoil, to Find Friendship, Get Active, Give Support, and Get Involved.

There are five points to our Trefoil STARS and each point concentrates on a different theme, based around the five letters of the word STARS. SKILLS, TOGETHER, ACTION, ROAM AND SELF. Each theme has eight clauses, but to complete the badge you only need to choose five.

A cloth badge is achieved for each letter completed and a metal badge available when all five themes have been finished. They can be undertaken in guild meetings with other members, in smaller groups or individually. The choice is yours. 

For more details contact your Guild Chair or County Adviser.

Voyage Award Silver.jpg
Voyage Award Bronze.jpg
Voyage Award Gold.jpg

Voyage Awards

If you should wish to challenge yourself on a more personal level and on a wider scope, why not try the Trefoil Guild’s Voyage Award? Any member can take part.

There are three levels to this award, Bronze, Silver and Gold. They take longer and are progressively more difficult, but still have five sections for each Award level. You will need to choose one activity or challenge from each of the following sections, Service, Myself, Teamwork, Skills and Explore My World. Both a cloth and metal badge are awarded on achieving each level.

For more details contact the County Adviser.

Trefoil Guild Thanks And Recognition

Trefoil Guild Thanks & Recognition Brooch & Certificate

This is a tangible way of saying thank you to a member or non-member of Trefoil Guild. There are no criteria for this award. It can be purchased via the County Badge Secretary.


Cornwall County Trefoil Guild Thanks Brooch

A new Thanks Brooch, designed in 2020 by members and made by a local jewellery company is our way of saying a special “Thank You” to those members and non-members who have helped Cornwall Trefoil in exceptional ways over time. 20 were awarded in the first year and we look forward to presenting more each year.

The Cornwall County Trefoil Guild Thanks Brooch can be awarded to anyone who has fulfilled at least one of the following criteria:

  • A member of the Trefoil who has given outstanding service to the Trefoil guild within Cornwall over a period of time.

  • Whilst continuing to be an active Trefoil Guild member in Cornwall, has shown outstanding fortitude.

  • Any person who lives inside or outside the County, who has given outstanding support to the Trefoil Guild in Cornwall.

Further information and application forms available from County or Guild Chairs.


Trefoil Guild Silver Brooch

Presenting this very special brooch is a way of showing gratitude and recognition of service specific to Trefoil Guild over and above that which would normally be expected. The brooch can be given to any member of Trefoil Guild, any adult member of Girlguiding if the applicant gives service to Girlguiding as a Trefoil Guild member, or a non-member who fulfils the criteria.

The Trefoil Guild Silver Brooch is a very special award and should only be given for:

  • Commitment over and above the call of duty specific to Trefoil.

  • Outstanding skills and service above and beyond what might be expected (but nor for length of service).

  • A display of great courage or fortitude.

  • This award is not given for long service.

Talk with your County or Region Chair who can help you with this application.

For more general information about The Trefoil Guild, including The Trefoil Guild Handbook, further details of Challenges and Awards, and National and Regional information, contact the National Trefoil Guild.

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Truro Spires 26 Mar 2019 at Air Ambulanc
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Penwith Harvest Lunch
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Myths and Magic
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