Rangers &

Young Leaders

We have amazing challenges, travel and develop skills!

Rangers is for girls aged 14-18 years old. Rangers wear a brand new uniform, meet up regularly, have fun doing activities together and be recognised for their achievements with badges and awards. Whatever you want to do, Rangers offers a range of unique opportunities.

The Ranger Programme

In Rangers you'll follow our programme of interest badges, skills builders and awards. You'll take part in amazing challenges, travel the world and develop skills across our six themes. 

Rangers can work towards interest badges.  Interest badges for Rangers can be found online. Follow this link to have a look! Which badge will you choose to do first?

There're even awards you can earn, like the Ranger Bronze, Silver and Gold award and the six Theme awards, that show your commitment and encourage pride in your achievements.

The Ranger Programme is based around six themes.

Ranger Themes
Ranger Badges
Ranger Awards

Rangers can complete Skill Builders, Interest Badges and five hours of Unit Meeting Activities to gain Theme awards.

Any two Theme awards will earn you a Ranger Bronze award. Any four will earn you a Ranger Silver award. When you've completed all six Theme awards you can work towards your Ranger Gold award.

Young Leaders 

Young Leaders have the opportunity to develop skills in leadership, communication and team work - all of which make impressive additions to any CV. Working towards the YLQ will also help you to contribute more to your local unit leadership team and become more confident in you role. Finally, if you decide to move on to the Leadership Qualification (LQ), you will find that you have already completed several of the required modules.

More details on the Young Leader Qualification can be found here.                        .


The Young Leader Qualification (YLQ) is designed to help you take an active, positive part in running a Rainbow, Brownie or Guide Unit. It is open to anyone aged 14 - 18 years old. You don't have to be a Ranger to be a Young Leader.