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Service Camp

Service Camp is a unique camp that Girlguiding Cornwall is very proud to run each summer

Service Camp is a unique camp that Girlguiding Cornwall is very proud to run each summer. They have been running annually since 1976. It is packed full of the day trips and all the activities we love most in Guiding. 

The “Little People” - We will be offering 24 “little people” a break from their everyday lives.  These children aged 7-11 are carefully chosen by Cornwall’s Social Services and are selected for a variety of reasons - but the one thing they have in common is the need for a holiday. 


The “Big People” – This could be you! We are looking for 24 “big people” aged 14-25, male and female to help us make this an unforgettable holiday for every child.  Each “big person” works 1:1 with their “little person” for the week.  As a big person, you join in all activities with your little person. You encourage them to relax and take part, to work as a team and to make sure they brush their teeth, put on sun screen lotion and to drink plenty of water, from the time they wake up until they fall back to sleep!


“In all my years of volunteering, I have never done anything as rewarding as spending a week with a little person on Service Camp.”


“Group Leaders” – 4 ‘little people’ and 4 ‘big people’ make up a group; one member of each group will have previous experience, they will be ready to help and support you.


Adult Team – There are many adults around to help. They come from a range of backgrounds and have a variety of experience and knowledge. They are here to help and also join in the fun.


“Camp is really tiring, but I have made so many friends and have so many memories, I would never miss it — I love seeing the smiles on the children’s faces”


Activities - This camp is the only holiday many of these children will have so we pack it full of activities - It’s a Knock Out, challenges, campfire, day trip to Theme Park, the beach and swimming.  We appreciate the time you have given up and are sure you will enjoy these too.


Accommodation – We have use of a kitchen, canteen and toilets, this is perfect for eating, washing and activities. Overnight we camp.


To make Service Camp successful, we need the help of some super people: Cornwall’s Rangers, DofE participants and Cornwall Explorer Scouts.  For over 40 years this camp has offered a much needed holiday to children in Cornwall, who aren’t as lucky as ourselves. It is a fun way to meet new people and help your community by doing something amazing!


So come and join our excited and enthusiastic team this year so that, together, we will build experiences and memories for all.


If you would like any more information please contact us.


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