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Peer Education

Peer Education is Girlguiding's innovative programme that trains members aged 14 to 25 to empower themselves and others to make a difference in the lives of girls here in Cornwall

Peer educators are 14-to-25 year olds who help Brownies, Guides and Rangers explore important topics. As young people, they use their own experience to bring the subject to life.

Being girl-led makes all the difference

It works because girls are eager to listen to their peers who share similar life experiences.

Peer educators run fun, safe and challenging sessions which have been developed with expert partners. Leaders and Peer Educators, click on the link below for each resource to discover training videos, unit resources, quizzes and for more information.

The following sessions can be offered by Cornwall Peer Educators.


Think Resilient is designed to build mental wellbeing and grow resilience in Brownies, Guides and Rangers.

Resilience helps girls cope when they're faced with the stresses of everyday life - whether that's in their schools, families or friendship groups - so that they can have fun, take new opportunities and have good mental wellbeing.

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Free Being Me is a body confidence programme for Brownies and Guides. Sessions help girls recognise myths about how girls and women 'should' look and be happy in their own skin.

Find out more about Free Being Me including videos and resources.

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Breaking Free is helping girls challenge stereotypes

Gender stereotyping happens every day. It’s in the way clothes are designed, the toys we give children and the jobs we’re encouraged to do. We know that these gender stereotypes make it harder for young people to achieve their dreams. 

Girls tell us that they’re surrounded by stereotypes. And that seeing simplified versions of what it means to be a girl makes it harder for them to be themselves. They want things to change.

Breaking Free is all about helping young people make that change, by giving them the tools to identify and challenge gender stereotypes.

Read more about Peer Education on the main Girlguiding Website.

Request a peer educator in Cornwall

 Request a peer educator to come and run a session with your Brownie, Guide or Ranger unit.

Want to be trained to be a Peer Educator? 

Contact our County Peer Educator Adviser to find out when and where the next training session is being held.

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