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I’m Karen, and I currently hold the roles of County Leader in Training Coordinator and Mentor Coordinator.

As Leader in Training Coordinator, I keep an eye on new leaders starting out on their guiding adventure and current leaders moving to a section or upgrading from Assistant Leader to Leader. I work with a team of lovely ladies who match Leaders in Training with Mentors, and we try to ensure that the leader development process is a happy experience for all involved.

As Mentor Coordinator I help our Mentors stay up to date with guiding policies and information and arrange socials.

Mentor information

This section provides information and resources for our mentors. They are here to help you through the mentoring process. 

Need some help and motivation for your first meeting with a mentee. Here are some instructions to help you along. 

Volunteering should not be expensive - find the expenses form here.

Becoming a mentor

Have you considered becoming a mentor? Experienced leaders and anyone who has completed Becoming a Leader will possess the skills needed to support new volunteers through their learning.

Explore more about what it means to be a mentor. 

Interested in becoming a mentor?  -> Contact Karen using the link a the top of this page

Information for aspiring mentors

Want to know more about that it means to be a unit leader in Girlguiding. Find out more about what it involves and how you can become qualified.

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