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Meet the
County Team

Get to know who our county team and advisers and how they can help you!

Programme Team

Programme team lead


Anita Parsons

Rainbow adviser


As County Rainbow adviser I organise events for the Rainbow section. Every year we have a Pot of Gold day, which is an event for girls aged 6+ who are in their last year of Rainbows. The day is all about getting together to find out a bit more about moving onto Brownies.

If you have any Rainbow related questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Sue Brennan


As Brownie adviser I co-ordinate the county Brownie events.

At the end of October half term week we host our annual Sixers and Seconders Day at Nine Ashes, Bodmin.

Then every 4 years I organise the Brownie section competition for the Halford Trophy. 

Any enquires about Brownies, please do get in touch!


Brownie adviser


Beth Martin & Michelle Tuckwell

As Guide advisers we offer support to leaders and organise events for Guides in the county.

Some of the events we organise are the annual Guide Activity Days and the Bolitho Shield competition. We also provide Gold, Silver & Bronze section awards to support the programme.

If needed, we can organise final adventure weekends, where we can award certificates and badges. 


Please contact us if you have any enquires. 

We are always here to answer questions how ever big or small! And we have also got some good listening ears! 


A very rewarding role! 

Joint Guide advisers

Jess Adams & Sarah Cotton

The 18 - 30's group is Girlguidings newest offer.


This is not the latest section after Rangers, but instead, it is a group that offers a vast range of opportunities that women aged between 18 and 30 can take part in through guiding.

These opportunities include gaining new skills and qualifications, having adventures both locally and abroad, as well as the opportunity to meet up with other young women in guiding. There are also opportunities to volunteer within Girlguiding such as Peer Educator, leader, and an assortment of county opportunities, such as photographer, social media takeovers and much more!

Joint Inspire (18-30) coordinator


Ranger adviser

As the Rangers adviser, I am the person for GirlGuiding Cornwall members to turn to for leader support, and information about Rangers; both pastoral and in line with the Programme.​

I will help nurture inter-Unit relations, especially to enhance opportunities for the Lead Away Permit, as well as organising annual county-wide events, including Ranger Activity Days, and the Margot Rogers competition. I hope to strengthen the transitions with Guides, and with Inspire 18-30, and will also be working closely with the D of E Adviser, and the QGA Adviser.

If you are a Ranger leader, please consider joining our GirlGuiding CORNWALL - Ranger Leaders Support Group.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries, I will be a friendly face offering guidance for anything Ranger-related, aiming to keep our wonderful Ranger community thriving.

Laura Miucci




As a County we have lots of STEM resources to borrow. Please click on the document below for a full list of resources.

If you would like to borrow these or require any help with STEM activities then please email me.

Sally Berne

STEM adviser


Queen's Guide Award coordinator

 My role is to support young women working towards the Queen’s Guide award, assist mentors to provide encouragement to their mentees and promote the award.

I provide support creating networking opportunities, sharing information and expertise, assisting with challenges, sign posting to people with relevant skills and knowledge, and attending events to provide platforms for discussion.


Ready to start your Queen’s Guide adventure? Send me an email!

Amy Peach-Gibson


Duke of Edinburgh Award adviser

I'm a leader at 7th Camborne Guides as well as the DofE adviser for the county.


Whether you're just interested in starting your DofE at bronze level or are keen to continue with either silver or old, I would be more than happy to help you get started. Or if you're working on your Queens Guide Award you should consider doing DofE Gold alongside, as there's often some crossover in the clauses. 


There's a long list of exciting activities you could embark on! If you'd like more information then please get in touch!

Karin Saunders



Girlguiding Cornwall runs the Messenger Service each year at the county agricultural show and has provided this service for over 60 years.  This is a fantastic opportunity for the Guides, Rangers and leaders to volunteer and serve the community and as organiser I oversee all the arrangements from the initial booking forms to the logistics of each days messenger service.   This could not be achieve without a team effort, which includes the front of house, catering and flower tent teams. 

Duties include running the flower crèche, grandstand assistance, secretary’s office, collecting results from the animal classes or acting as show hosts at the entrances. 

Royal Cornwall Show

Messenger Service adviser

Paula Volkner

Outdoors Activities Team


In my role as residential holiday adviser I endeavour to offer encouragement, opportunity and support to leaders working towards their Going Away With scheme. Due to this I am often privileged to visit holidays, which is always a pleasure.


I receive a copy of all of the 'indoor' REN forms for the County. I am always looking forward to seeing when & where the next holidays are taking place.


Finally I  am available to offer advice or help as and when required and if I don’t know the answer myself I will do my best to find someone who does!

Marilyn Pluess

Residential adviser for holidays

Karen OAA_edited.jpg


Hello everyone! We at the Outdoor Team aim to be your “one stop shop” for trainings, taster days, information, events, and activities in the great outdoors. 

As the County Outdoor Activity Team Lead, I aim to support and encourage our wonderful team of Advisers and experts in bringing you the best of our skills and knowledge to enrich your unit Guiding. We aim to introduce you to new skills and qualifications to enable you to broaden your horizons and LOOK WIDER.

If an activity, training, or event that you would like to try has not yet appeared on our programme, please do get in touch. We will do our very best to provide you with the inspiration and confidence to take yourself and your unit out of doors to enjoy our wonderful county.

Karen Easton

Outdoor Activities Team Lead

Vicky Camp Advisor.jpg

In my role as residential adviser for camping, I strive to help leaders achieve their ‘Going Away with licence’, enabling them to take girls of all ages away. I love adventure and camping; may this be in a cave or on a county campsite! I seek to help leaders believe in themselves, to help them develop a true sense of adventure and bring this awe and wonder to the girls across the county. Over the past 19 years I have truly been inspired by many leaders to achieve my goals across several counties, and I hope to encourage many more leaders to do just that. ‘You can do it! Just try your best….’

I look forward to receiving your REN forms and to see what adventures lie ahead… I hope to visit as many as I can with my own mini team Fred’s and Millie.

If you have any questions, I am here to offer help, support and advice. If I don’t know, I will endeavour to find out for you.  

Residential adviser for camping


Vicky Bruce

Walking adviser

If you have any walking matters you'd like advice on, them I'm the person to speak to.

I attend a biennial South West Region Advisers’ meeting where  I meet with advisers from across the South West to share news, information, trainings and upcoming walks. 

A large part of my role as walking adviser is to organise walks around Cornwall (checkout our latest edition of Kerensa to find out when and where our next walk will take place!)


If you have training queries or have s suggestion for a walk, I would love to hear from you.  

Corina Clement


Water adviser for water safety

If you want to take your girls in or near water, whether to a swimming pool or a beach trip,  contact me if you need any advice on keeping safe. 

Sharon Dinnie


Boating adviser 

Hi! I’m your point of contact for any query about going on the water.  


We have 14 kayaks at our Condurro campsite and I would love to get you and your girls out on the beautiful River Fal!


I’m also happy to advise on all things boating, including but not limited to dinghy Sailing, yacht Sailing, power-boating and narrowboating. 


I can even suggest ideas for a great adventure on the water whether you're a group or an individual looking for a challenge!​

Carol Avery


Mary Andrew (2).jpeg

International adviser

Blurb to follow

Mary Andrew


Service camp coordinator

Cheryl Smith


I am the lead organiser for our annual service camp, which offers a much needed weeks' break for 24 children selected by Cornwall's Social Services.

To help run the camp we have 24 'big people' who volunteer their time. These volunteers become positive role models, and are always on hand to help and have fun. 

Service camp is jam-packed with day trips to the beach, swimming pool and local attractions, plus we partake in many of our favourite guiding activities.

Children and volunteers alike gain new skills, friendships and a lifetime of memories. This is by far my favourite week of the year.

Learning and Development Team
Sarah P.jpg

Learning & development adviser

We are the Training Team here in Cornwall.  We are South West Region Trainers and form part of the Learning and Development Girlguiding Cornwall Team.


As trainers, we are here to facilitate and deliver learning opportunities that give our volunteers the motivation and confidence to provide good guiding for our girls.

Sarah Powelsland



Meet the Cornwall Trainers!

Top row

Mandy R, Nikki C, Jean W, Sue H, Sue N (CC)

Bottom row

Jill J (CC), Tracy S, Lynne G, Hannah T, Sarah P, Claire H

Meet the Cornwall Trainers

The cornwall training team offer all of our County Trainings. Our current trainings that are on offer are all listed on the Book on line page.

Lauren Rosevear & Sophie Morcom

In our shared role, we offer support to girls aged 14-18 to complete their Young leader qualification as well as making them aware of the many opportunities that are available to them in Girlguiding.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Joint Young leader coordinators


Peer education is aimed at those aged 14-25 years they help Brownies, Guides and Rangers explore important topics. As young people, they use their own experience to bring the subject to life. As the Peer Educator Coordinator my goal is to promote Peer Education to both Rangers/Young Leaders and to unit leaders who may wish to use a Peer Educator for a unit meeting. I'll be the point of contact if any Peer Educators have any questions and unit leaders if they have any questions or want to book a Peer Educator.  

Emily Williams


Peer Educator coordinator


Inclusion for members with additional needs adviser

I've been in Girlguiding just over three years now and love every minute of it. I help out across 3 sections and sometimes Rangers too. I love all aspects of guiding, and feel i've grown more in confidence as a person.

My Role is to make sure that all girls and leaders get the same chance as everybody else, by making it an enjoyable experience for all involved and to be able to offer all of the amazing opportunities to get involved.


I'm here to help and give you advice anyway I can.

Kylie Yates


Karen L.jpg

Mentor Coordinator

As Mentor Coordinator I welcome potential Mentors and signpost them to e-learning and training sessions available. We then have a chat about Mentoring in Cornwall specifically, and if they are keen to go ahead, I introduce them to the Area Leadership Coordinator who will link them to Leaders in Training to support. I endeavour to help Mentors with any queries or concerns they may have and generally support them with their role.

I keep Mentors updated with information as needed, arrange socials and liaise with the Mentor Trainer to arrange training sessions specifically tailored for Mentors’ needs.

Any leader interested in finding out more about becoming a Mentor please contact me on the email below. 

Karen Leaity


Pam G.jpg

Commissioner Mentor Coordinator

My role is to support the County Commissioner(s) with administration relating to the appointment of District and Division Commissioners.

Once appoints have been made I allocate a mentor to guide and support the new appointee.  I keep the mentors up-to-date with information from County, Region and Girlguiding UK.  I am available to support both the Commissioners and the Commissioner mentors.

Pam Goudge


Communications and PR Team
Emma 2.jpg


Blurb to follow

Emma Forrest

County Communications and County PR Adviser

Kerensa Team.jpg

Heather Walker, Jessica Rush, Agatha Hodges (Editors)

Jess Adams (Photographer)

Kerensa editors and photographer


We are your Kerensa editors. Please forward to us, using the email below, your articles for Kerensa by 22nd of the month. Kerensa will be produced bimonthly in January, March, May, July, September and November.

We can't wait to receive all your unit news and County event details or any other article you would like to share to the county through this digital platform.


Branding & Digital Adviser

I spend so much time doing the techie bits on the website.

If you are designing badges and challenges, I can also help you will all elements of branding. Just ask!

Eve Scott

County archivist

Blurb to follow

Lindsay Whittaker


Membership Team
go coords joint.png

Chris Grint & Maureen Vickers

We’re the GO coordinators for Cornwall and we look after the membership database for all our members in the county. We both work closely together but each have our own areas of the database that we’re more familiar with, but our main aim is to keep the information held correct and as up to date.

Chris: I particularly look after recording Awards, First Response, Safe Space trainings, Outdoor Qualifications and anything else similar. I also produce the postal lists for Kerensa (County newsletter), and any other reports that are required. In addition to this I monitor the opening/ closing of units and the annual subscriptions process. I often liaise with the Membership Team at HQ when necessary.

Maureen: I monitor entries made on GO, particularly in regards to volunteer enquiries, where I try to ensure that recruitment checks are satisfactorily completed and all new volunteer’s enquiries are processed smoothly.

Please do contact us if you need our help with GO!

County GO coordinators

Emma 2.jpg


As Membership Growth and Retention Coordinator, I’m here to assist with everything connected to looking after our current members and recruiting new ones.  I work closely with the Learning and Development Team to provide assistance with welcoming, training and supporting our existing volunteers; as well as the Communications and PR Team to promote Girlguiding and recruit new girls and leaders.  Please feel free to contact me directly if you need support with your own leadership journey, or within your unit team.

Emma Forrest

Membership, growth & retention coordinator


ID Verifier Coordinator

As County ID Verifier Coordinator I am responsible for making sure that DBS checks are carried out in the county.  I have a team of verifiers around the county to make sure there is always someone available to carry out the check.  If you have any queries regarding DBS checks then please contact me and I'll do my best to help.

Jen Burnett



Enquiry coordinator

As County Enquiry Coordinator I keep an eye on our Go system to make sure that new girl and volunteer enquiries are dealt with by the local leader or commissioner.  I am available to assist the process where necessary.

Jen Burnett


Karen L.jpg

Leadership Qualification coordinator lead 

The County Leadership Qualification Coordinator, with a team of Area Leadership Coordinators, supports Leaders undertaking modules in the Leadership Qualification.  Monitoring Go for new volunteers, or role changes for current volunteers, allows the Coordinator to predict numbers of Leaders planning to qualify and the process begins.


When the happy day arrives, and a Mentor reports completion of a qualification, the LQ Coordinator marks the modules as complete, and this allows a change of role and recognition of the achievement by the presentation of a certificate and badge.

Karen Leaity


Governance and Finance Team


Blurb to follow

Governance and Finance

Team Leader

Paula Volkner



County Training Adviser

First Response

Jean Whetham

I am the First Response Co-ordinator for Cornwall. I organise and deliver, alongside Sue Norfolk, the training for the new First Response course which is six hours. These are a mixture of face to face and face to face with a zoom element. I have been involved with First Aid for over thirty years, starting when I was training as a lifeguard and doing the resuscitation. This led to be becoming a First Response trainer over twelve years ago. If you have a First Aid certificate from work, please send me a copy by email and do the e-learning so that I can arrange for it to go on to GO. Each unit must have someone present who has completed the First Aid training and has it recorded on GO. Each month I email the units who are not compliant and help them to complete this. I believe that it is so important that everyone is trained in basic First Aid as it is such an important skill and could save a life. 



County Treasurer

Mary Eddy

As County Treasurer I look after the finances of the County.  As well as dealing with day to day monies I prepare Receipts & Payments summaries during the year for our Financial and County Executive meetings.  I also prepare yearly Financial Accounts for the Accountants to examine and approve and complete the Charity Commission Annual Return together with Trustees Annual Report and submit it to them with a set of the Accounts.

We are always pleased to receive donations from our County Vice Presidents, County Ambassadors and County Life Members, and these enable us to make grants to our younger members.  To help with this it would be wonderful to think that we will continue to get further donations, if possible. Perhaps you would think of Cornwall Girlguiding and include a small legacy when and if you are writing your Wills.   Every little donation, however small, will help us to help our girls and young women. 



Please look on our Safeguarding page for more information.

County Safeguarding Adviser

Hannah Tame


My role in the County is to hold and provide all the varied badges available to everyone to order from within Girlguiding Cornwall.

We have special awards and certificates for Thinking Day, Christmas, Birthday along side the programme badges, Skill Builders, Theme Awards and Interest Badges. Badges can be ordered using this form.

Leaders are recognised with a beautiful silver brooch and certificate when they have given after varying years service to Girlguiding.

Our county also has a cloth and metal County badge of Cornwall. See all our County badges and merchandise in our shop.

County Badge Secretary

Pam Ellis



My responsibility is to keep the accounts for County Campsite Carwynnen.

To see more about this campsite, please have a look on our page. 

County Treasurer


Sue Norfolk

JB (2).jpg


As the Treasurer for the Condurro campsite I am part of the Management Team who care for and promote the campsite.  The Treasurer attends the regular meetings and presents the current financial situation on each occasion.  The Booking Secretary passes on the list of all incoming camps and day bookings so that a check can be made on all payments as appropriate.  The Treasurer will make deposit refunds once a camp check has been made and everything is satisfactory.

The Treasurer also keeps a watchful eye on the invested capital held for long term maintenance or improvements. End of Year accounts are prepared in January and, once signed by the independent examiner, these are forwarded to the County Treasurer. 

As part of the Condurro Team I have joined, whenever possible, the annual Spring Clean and Autumn Clean days.

Find out more about Condurro Campsite.

County Treasurer


Jane Bennett

No email address

Blurb to follow

Property Chairman

Alasdair Clement



In my role I offer help with anything grant related. Just drop me an email and I’ll do my best to help you with grant applications or any documents you may need to complete your application. Or advise on where to start when looking for funds and what funding is available. 

Grant Application help

Paula Martin