About us

Find out about Girlguiding Cornwall and meet our County Commissioners and our core executive team

We are the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK 

We empower girls to be their best and face the challenges growing up today. We’ve been doing that through adventure, friendship, and fun for over 100 years.

Girlguiding’s aim is to build girls’ confidence and raise their aspirations, as well as give them the chance to discover their full potential and encourage them to be a powerful force for good. Here in Cornwall, we encourage our members to relish and utilise our beautiful countryside, beaches, and heritage.

We have Rainbow, Brownie, Guides, Rangers and Trefoil members spanning from the Isles of Scilly and all the way to Launceston. Together we enable all of our members to try their best at a wide variety of activities from canoeing, rock climbing and hiking to learning new skills such as cookery, first aid and performing. Many of our members will have sleepovers, holidays and even go camping, plus we don't let our extreme location stop us from taking regular trips around the UK and internationally. 

Sue Norfolk and Jill Jeffs



We are here to fulfil the vital role of leading and supporting the teams that make up the county executive committee. We hope to inspire leaders to deliver good guiding, grow guiding in Cornwall and keep the county structure in good shape. To help us, we have our talented adult volunteers, who give all the girls and young women the best guiding experience possible.

Joint County Commissioners

Assistant County Commissioner

I occasionally stand in for our county commissioners, when they cannot attend an event due to other guiding commitments. My main responsibilities are to update & edit the annual membership booklet with new appointments and any changes to units across the County. I help to collate replies for the annual Celebration Day from all of the VIP’s, award winners, and guests. Plus I organise the seating arrangements for the award winners and VIP’s, making sure not to overfill the venue!

Lynne Chandler



Assistant County Commissioner

One day in October 2018 came that fateful phone call - Jill Jeffs asked me to become an Assistant County Commissioner! My abiding memory is of Jill saying that there was no job description I gave it quite a lot of thought (I like job descriptions!), before saying yes. Since then, Jill’s point has been proved many times; the role involves almost everything and anything. There are high points and low points; low points include complaints and unhappy people, but the high points far outweigh these – meeting people, listening to all that they have accomplished, being invited to celebrations (including on Zoom) and supporting the County Commissioners in any way I can; sometimes this is just listening. There can be weeks where I have very little to do for the County and then other times when it all seems to be happening all at once – just like life!

I was incredibly flattered when Jill asked me to take on this role and very pleased that I said yes!

Sue Harris



County Treasurer

As County Treasurer I look after the finances of the County.  As well as dealing with day to day monies I prepare Receipts & Payments summaries during the year for our Financial and County Executive meetings.  I also prepare yearly Financial Accounts for the Accountants to examine and approve and complete the Charity Commission Annual Return together with Trustees Annual Report and submit it to them with a set of the Accounts.

We are always pleased to receive donations from our County Vice Presidents, County Ambassadors and County Life Members, and these enable us to make grants to our younger members.  To help with this it would be wonderful to think that we will continue to get further donations, if possible. Perhaps you would think of Cornwall Girlguiding and include a small legacy when and if you are writing your Wills.   Every little donation, however small, will help us to help our girls and young women. 

Mary Eddy



County President

In my role as County President, I enjoy being able to celebrate and recognise all the wonderful work taking place in the County enabling so much excellent guiding to take place and also to fly the flag for Girlguiding Cornwall whenever I can. I am pleased to take part in the annual celebration day and it is always a joy to be able to present special awards. During my time as President, I have enjoyed attending many County events such as the Sixer and Seconder Days, Guide Days and Rainbow special events and I try to attend the County Executive meeting to keep up to date with all that is planned for the future.

Jane Bennett

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