Recognising achievement

Find out who's received awards, and more about awards which you can be nominated for or to nominate someone you'd like to be recognised.

Girlguiding Cornwall county and South West England region each have a range of fantastic awards which are waiting for YOU to nominate your fellow volunteer. We are so proud of the many fabulous things that all our leaders, helpers, occasional volunteers, as you all give what you're able to for Girlguiding.  

County Commissioner Award 2021.jpg

County Good Service Certificate

This certificate is automatically presented to a Leader receiving the 20 year Long Service Bar, providing the majority of service was within the County of Cornwall. It can also be recommended for the following;-

  • A leader who has given regular or exceptional commitment to County events or within a County appointment.

  • A Leader who has continued Guiding in exceptional circumstances or has mad an exceptional contribution.

  • A young member of the guiding in special circumstances. (e.g. a young member who has continued guiding through severe illness or prolonged medical treatment.

Your Division Commissioner can make recommendations at the annual Awards meeting held in November.

County Good Service Certificate 21.jpg

A huge congratulations go to Lucy, Ruth, Jenny, Paula, Sophie, Lauren and Penny for being presented with the County Good Service certificate.

Certificates were awarded for a diverse range of reasons : for all the work locally within District and Division, helping at the Royal Cornwall Show, applying and being successful at grant applications, to organising County events for the Brownies.

CC's Award.png

County Commissioner's Award

This award was created in 2010 and is made from South Crofty tin. It is awarded to any Leader for exceptional service to Girlguiding Cornwall.

Names for this award can be put forward to the County Commissioners but it is at her discretion if the award is to be given to the person nominated.

As they came to the end of their term as County Commissioners, Jill and Sue awarded the County Commissioner's Award to Lynne and Sue for all their dedication and commitment as Assistant County Commissioners over the last 5 years. Penny was also presented the award for support and hard work, which is very much appreciated, beyond her ‘working hours’ as County Administrator.

County Standard Brooch 2021.jpg

The County Stardard Brooch was presented to Karen for all her work as a Rainbow and Guide leader, District Commissioner, Division Secretary and  Division Treasurer and Assistant Division Commissioner.

Barbara Hardie-East was also presented with the county Standard brooch on behalf of her Mum Jackie. Jackie moved to Cornwall and became Division Commissioner, working hard to make a successful and flourishing Division. She will be sadly missed.

County Standard Brooch.png

County Standard Brooch

This award was first introduced in 2000. It is awarded to say thank you to adult members or non-members, who have given some special service to Girlguiding Cornwall. This includes:

  • County Vice-Presidents and Life Members.

  • Members who have served on the County Executive Committee.

  • Members who have given an excellent piece of service to Cornwall and who have already received a County Good Service Certificate.

SWE Awards.png
Silver Oak Leaf Award

The Silver Oak Leaf will be awarded to recognise and acknowledge the outstanding contribution and commitment that any adult has made to the promotion or advancement of Guiding within South West England.

Who’s it for? Members aged over 18 years old.

Congratulations to Sue Norfolk and Jill Jeffs who were virtually awarded their Silver Oak Leaf Award by Carole Pennington (South West England's Regional Chief Commissioner) in July 2020.

"There will be many of you that had a hand in this and we are very grateful that you took the time and made the effort and put the energy into nominating us.

We could not have done it without a super supportive team so that you all for supporting us!!!

It was a total surprise and a huge honour."

Jill and Sue.

Sue and Jill.jpeg
Compass Award

The Girlguiding South West England Compass Award is awarded to recognise the dedication of our memebers at a local level who give freely of their time on a regular basis to provide good quality Guiding.

Who’s it for? Members aged 18 years and over.

Cornwall Presentations.jpeg

A massive congratulations to Lauren, Laura and Paula on travelling to Salisbury to be awarded their Girlguiding South West England Compass Award in September 2021. 

A presentation was also held by Zoom. Victoria was presented her award from the comfort of her own home!

She was joined by Fiona and Jacky from the Isles of Scilly. They are awiting their awards to arrive along with Jenny, Jacque and Lesley.

Siobhan is awaiting her presentation from with County.

Congratulations to you all!

Victoria O'Regan.jpg

Young Adult Leaders' Award

The Girlguiding South West England Young Adult Leaders' Award can be gained by a leader who has done something special or remarkable. Thi sis a wide ranging award and will reflect the individula circumstances.

Who’s it for? Members aged 18 -30 years old.


A massive congratulations to Sophie on her Young Adult Leader's Award which was presented to her by Girlguiding South West England Chief Commissioner, Laura Cottey at Girlguiding Cornwall's recent Celebration Day in July 2021. 

Congratulations Sophie!

Chief Commissioner's Award

The Chief Commissioner's Award is given at the discretion of the Chief Commissioner to a member or non-member of Girlguiding South West England.

Who’s it for? Members and non-members of any age.

thank you badge.jpg
Region Thanks Badge

The Region Thanks Badge is awarded by the Chief Commissioner to anyone who has given service to achieved something special which is worthy of recognition by the Region.

Who’s it for? Members and non-members over the age of 18 years.


A Region Thanks badge was presented to Peter and Mo Keast for their continuing work with the Peace Light.

Peace Light_edited.jpg
How to nominate

Download application packs for the Silver Oak, Compass and Young Adult Leader's Award from the Region website.

To nominate someone for the Chief Commissioner's Award or the Region Thanks Badge apply in writing to the Chief Commissioner, C/o Julie Brown at the Region office. Nominations can be made by any member of Gilrguiding, the Trefoil Guild and associated organisations. The Awards Sub-committee may also make a nomination.

National formal awards for leaders

At Girlguiding we want to thank all our volunteers for their contribution to guiding - it's an important way to make sure people stay with us.

Awards are a wonderful way to celebrate the achievements of members and recognised volunteers in your team. You can use an award to recognise:

  • Commendable conduct

  • Outstanding and excellent service

  • Long service

Click on the awards below to find out who is eligible for the award and how to nominate a Leader to receive the award.

Good Service Brooch.jpg

Girlguiding Good Service Brooch

Well done to Hannah and Mary on receiving their UK Good Service Brooch.

Mary received hers for all she does with the Guide cooking competition held at Condurro campsite annually.

Hannah received hers for taking on the role of county Safeguarding lead and in that role being there at the end of a phone with support and advice.

Congratulations to Hannah and Mary!

Discretionary awards


Girlguiding Hero Award

Congratulations to Laura (pictured) and Cheryl on being the first in Cornwall to receive the new Girlguiding Hero Award!

Cheryl received hers for her fantastic work organising Service Camp every year and Laura for keeping so many involved in guiding with her virtual camp during the Covid 19 pandemic.