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Recognising achievement

Find out who's received awards, and more about awards which you can be nominated for or to nominate someone you'd like to be recognised.

Girlguiding Cornwall and South West England region each have a range of fantastic awards which are waiting for YOU to nominate your fellow volunteer. We are so proud of the many fabulous things that all our leaders, helpers, and occasional volunteers do. You all give what you're able to for Girlguiding.  

Awards from Girlguiding Cornwall

Girlguiding Life Membership


To recognise individuals who have given long-term, exceptional commitment to Girlguiding Cornwall a 

Life membership can be given.

  • is the highest recognition available to honour the exceptional contribution of individuals who are, or have been members of  Girlguiding Cornwall. 

  • will only be given in exceptional circumstances.

  • recognises an individual who has demonstrated significant, high quality committed service, encouraged other leaders and enhanced the reputation and future of Girlguiding overall.

  • Is bestowed on those who epitomise all elements of Girlguiding’s Code of Conduct.

Life Members 2_edited.jpg

Welcome to our new County Life Members in 2024 who join our 35 existing Life Members.

Val Coad

Lynne Cove-Frostick

Mary Fisher

Chris Irons

Heather Marriott

Delia Whetter


CC's Award.png

County Commissioner's Award

This award was created in 2010 and is made from South Crofty tin. It is awarded to any Leader for exceptional service to Girlguiding Cornwall.

Names for this award can be put forward to the County Commissioners but it is at her discretion if the award is to be given to the person nominated.

Sue awarded a County Commissioner's Award to Karen Easton for her outstanding work towards recent county events, particularly the Platinum Jubilee Beacon Lighting in June 2022 and the County Coronation Fete in May 2023. 

County Standard Brooch.png

County Standard Brooch

This award was first introduced in 2000. It is awarded to say thank you to adult members or non-members, who have given some special service to Girlguiding Cornwall. This includes:

  • County Vice-Presidents and Life Members.

  • Members who have served on the County Executive Committee.

  • Members who have given an excellent piece of service to Cornwall.

County Standard Brooch.jpeg

The County Standard Brooch was presented in 2024 to:

Alison Hallett in recognition of the grants she has gained toupgrade County Campsite Carwynnen. 

Angela Libby for her role as District Commissioner for St Austell Boscoopa.

Karen Roberts for her role as District Commissioner for Camborne and her support for the County Campsite at Carwynnen.

Julia Wass for her time as Division Commissioner for Penwith

Pictured Julia, Alison, Angela and Karen

County badge transparent background 2.png

County Good Service Certificate

This award has been given for the last time in 2024 and will now be replaced by two new awards.

This certificate is automatically presented to a Leader receiving the 20 year Long Service Bar, providing the majority of service was within the County of Cornwall. It can also be recommended for the following:

  • A leader who has given regular or exceptional commitment to County events or within a County appointment.

  • A Leader who has continued Guiding in exceptional circumstances or has made an exceptional contribution.

  •  young member of the guiding in special circumstances. (e.g. a young member who has continued guiding through severe illness or prolonged medical treatment.

County Good Service Certificate.jpeg

Pictured Deborah, Caroline, Alison, Alison, Jen and Karen

Huge congratulations go to the recent recipients of the County Good Service Certificate in 2024: 

The following receiving the award alongside their 20 year Long Service Bar: Caroline Barton, Maggie Blake, Jen Burnett, Karen Easton, Alison Hoskin, Alison Pedersen, Stephanie Pugh and Amy Roberts.

Receiving the County Good Service Certificate where:

Paul Barker, Deborah Brooks, Jessica Davies, Sam Goldsworthy, Penelope Payne, Jackie Perkins and Martin Williams.

2 new awards! To be presented in 2025

Young volunteer award (18-30 years old)

Introducing our new award to recognise the amazing work of our younger volunteers, where you can nominate the awardee!


  • The information needs to be from the last two years in Girlguiding Cornwall.

  • Two nominations are required for this award.

  • Division Commissioner need to endorse all nominations by emailing the County President:

  • Closing date for nominations is 30 November.

  • The award can be awarded again after 5 years.

Complete the nomination form for your nomination to be discussed at the Awards Committee for consideration.

St Piran's Award Trans.png

St Piran's award (31+ years)

Introducing our new award to recognise the amazing work of our volunteers who make guiding happen throughout Cornwall.


Fulfilled a minimum of 4 of the following:

  • Kept up to date with Guiding developments, including attending trainings.

  • Have a regular commitment to the unit/s they are attached to and maintain a quality programme offering the girls a wide range of opportunities.

  • Attend unit activities, including those not during unit time e.g. Remembrance Parade, Pot of Gold Day, sleepovers etc.

  • Promote Girlguiding Cornwall in their local community.

  • Have contributed to a County or Division or District event.

  • Have held an appointment at District or Division level.

  • Attend regular planning meetings with their unit team and take on an active role or supporting role in the unit meeting.

  • The information needs to be from the last two years in Girlguiding Cornwall.

  • Two nominations are required for this award.

  • Division Commissioner need to endorse all nominations by emailing the County President:

  • Closing date for nominations is 30 November.

  • The award can be awarded again after 5 years.

Complete the nomination form for your nomination to be discussed at the Awards Committee for consideration.

Awards from South West England

SWE Awards.png

Silver Oak Leaf Award

The Silver Oak Leaf will be awarded to recognise and acknowledge the outstanding contribution and commitment that any adult has made to the promotion or advancement of Guiding within South West England.

Who’s it for? Members aged over 18 years old.

8H3B2647 b_edited.jpg

Pictured Racheal Tattum (Chief Commissioner for Girlguiding South West England presenting Sarah with her Silver Oak Leaf Award.

Congratulations to Sarah Powesland on the presentation of her Silver Oak Leaf Award.

Sarah puts in a tremendous amount of work to lead the Learning and Development Team.

She runs her own Guide and Ranger Unit and is in the process of fundraising and organising the building of a new Guide HQ at Treviscoe.


Pictured Jill (County President, Sarah and Sue (County Commissioner)


Compass Award

The Girlguiding South West England Compass Award is awarded to recognise the dedication of our memebers at a local level who give freely of their time on a regular basis to provide good quality Guiding.

Who’s it for? Members aged 18 years and over.

Pictured here are Val Chapman, Carole Webster, Katy Roberts, Hannah Tame, Sue Harris (County Commissioner), Lisa Adams and Ruth Nicholls.

Lucy Chapman, Jess Adams and Sophia Tame.

Pictured right, Tina Buddle celebrating receiving her Compass Award.

Tina Compass Award.jpg
Compass Awards 2023.JPG

Young Adult Leaders' Award

The Girlguiding South West England Young Adult Leaders' Award can be gained by a leader who has done something special or remarkable. This is a wide ranging award and will reflect the individual circumstances.

Who’s it for? Members aged 18 -30 years old.


Chief Commissioner's Award

The Chief Commissioner's Award is given at the discretion of the Chief Commissioner to a member or non-member of Girlguiding South West England.

Who’s it for? Members and non-members of any age.

thank you badge.jpg

Region Thanks Badge

The Region Thanks Badge is awarded by the Chief Commissioner to anyone who has given service to achieved something special which is worthy of recognition by the Region.

Who’s it for? Members and non-members over the age of 18 years.

Region 1,3,15,25,35.transparent jpg.png

1yr, 3yr, 15yr, 25yr & 35yr Service Awards

The Region's 1yr, 3yr, 15yr, 25yr and 35yr Service Award badges are sent out automatically to our members in recognition of the time they have given to Girlguiding in the region.

How to nominate

Find out more about each award, how to nominate and to download nomination forms by visiting Girlguiding South West England website.

Girlguiding Hero Award.

The Girlguiding Hero Award enables members to show their appreciation for fellow members or non-members of Girlguiding who have done something wonderful, or gone above and beyond what would be expected of them, and which has in some way helped others. Any member can make a nomination, and the recipient can be any age.

Go to the Girlguiding Website where you will find full information and a nomination form. When you have completed the form, send this to the County Commissioner for her to sign and forward to the Region Office.

Hero Award

Well done to Deborah on receiving a Hero Award.

Racheal Tattum, Chief Commissioner for Girlguiding South West England surprised Deborah by presenting her with her certificate.

Hero Award.jpeg
Coronation Medal 2.png

Coronation Medal

Congratulations to Laura Johns who was presented with a Coronation Medal for volunteering at the Kings Coronation on 6 May 2023.

Coronation Medal.jpeg

National Formal Awards

At Girlguiding we want to thank all our volunteers for their contribution to guiding - it's an important way to make sure people stay with us.

Awards are a wonderful way to celebrate the achievements of members and recognised volunteers in your team. You can use an award to recognise:

  • Commendable conduct

  • Outstanding and excellent service

  • Long service

Click on the awards below to find out who is eligible for the award and how to nominate a Leader to receive the award.

Long Service Awards 2024

Long Service Awards.jpeg

Find out about all National Formal awards here.

British Empire Medal (BEM)

Cheryl BEM.jpg

Congratulations once again to Cherly, who was presented with her BEM in June 2024.

Cheryl works extremely hard on making sure so many young people get the best opportunities in and around Cornwall, and this award is well and truly deserved.

When asked where and when she wanted it presented, of course she chose to host a campfire with her Brownie Unit, some people who have inspired her along the way, and of course, to make smores!

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