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Summer of fun in Padstow!

During the summer, Padstow Guides and Brownies loved taking part in the Cornwall County outdoor challenge badge - we've got up to so much to work towards the badge. Here are just some of our highlights.

We had a session with the charity Beach Guardians - often seen on TV! The challenge was to find ‘the noodles’, tiny balls of plastic.

Padstow Guides and Brownies, along with some Trefoil members, had surf lessons at Harlyn Bay with Harlyn Waves surf school in the pouring rain! The girls weren’t bothered at all!

Padstow Girlguiding and county boating advisor Carol were treated by the Jubilee Queen cruise boat to a river trip on a beautiful evening. The Skipper gave the girls rope and showed them a knot to do. We all renewed our promise with new Brownies making theirs. The crew treated the girls to soft drinks and Haribos, and the adults I’m not telling!


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