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Introducing...County Ranger Adviser Laura!

As the Rangers adviser, I am here for Girlguiding Cornwall members to turn to for leader support and information about Rangers.

The current Programme includes interest badges, skills builders and programme awards, as well as the opportunity for other awards, such as Commonwealth, Duke of Edinburgh (D of E), and the Queen’s Guide Award (QGA).

I aim to nurture inter-Unit relations, especially to enhance opportunities for the Lead Away Permit, as well as organising annual county-wide events, including Ranger Activity Days, and the Margot Rogers competition.

A priority is also to strengthen the transition from Guides, and on to Inspire (18-30), and will also be working closely with the D of E Adviser and the QGA Adviser.

If you are a Ranger leader, please consider joining our Cornwall Ranger Support Group on Facebook; by leaders and for leaders: (‘Girlguiding Cornwall - Ranger Leaders Support Group’).

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries, I will be a friendly face offering guidance for anything Ranger-related, aiming to keep our wonderful Ranger community thriving!

Email with any questions or suggestions!


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