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County Commissioner Handover

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

A day of thanks to mark the end of Jill and Sue's five years as County Commissioners and to celebrate the great guiding that's taken place in Cornwall.

After a wonderful welcome from Ali and her singing, the county standard was brought in and we were welcomed by our county president, Jane Bennett.

Sue and Jill spoke about their adventure-packed 5 years as county commissioners, covering annual events, some special anniversaries and a whole host of other fabulous memories.

We heard from former county commissioners, and the story of ‘the Mac’ (you can find out more about that here...)

Sue Harris received the standard, renewed her promise in her new role as County Commissioner, and told us of her guiding experiences so far as well as her vision for the county for her 5 year tenure.

Following the event, Sue and Jill shared their thanks for the send off and their gifts:

A big thank you for my County present. I have bought an arch, an arbour and made a pond with it. This is in my new garden that I am doing a 'garden rescue' on. The present was just great and will always remind me of my time as county commissioner.

Also a big thank you to everyone for the last five years of fun and friendship. I wish Sue Harris all the best as County Commissioner for Cornwall.

Sue Norfolk

I just want to thank everyone for coming to 'see us off' on Saturday afternoon. So heart warming to get all the lovely cards with such kind words and the flowers, plants and presents. We are now looking forward to buying our garden seat and shrubs for our new home.

Sending best wishes to Sue Harris as the new County Commissioner and wishing her and her team a happy five years.

Jill xx

To view the photos from the event, scroll through the gallery below and click on a photo to enlarge it.

You can see a gallery of the awards presented on the day here.


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