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County Celebration Day 2021 Awards Photo Gallery

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Congratulations to every recipient of an award this year!

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20 Years Helen Roberts - Carrick North Helen is a Brownie leader for the 9th Truro Brownie Unit.

Julia Wass - Penwith Julia runs Brownies and Rainbows and is a mentor, has been a District Commissioner and was the first Division Commissioner to head up a division-only Penwith.

June Porter – Caradon Tamar June has had many roles in her district and is now an invaluable member of the Service camp team.

Lynne Chandler - Kerrier Lynne runs Rainbows and Guides and has done five years as Assistant County Commissioner, she is now taking on the District Commissioner role for two districts and is also a division verifier.

Ruth Cundy Rowse - Restormel Ruth is part of 7th St Austell Brownie Unit and has recently retired as a District Commissioner. She also was an integral part of the entertainment team for the centenary celebrations and county Jamborees.

Sophie Abraham-Minster - Restormel Sophie is with Ruth at 7th St Austell Brownie Unit helped in 2010 on the entertainment team.

County Good Service Certificates Penny Congdon - Restormel For being the county Brownie adviser, heading up the sixer and seconder seconder days and the wonderful Myths & Magic sleepover for the Brownies in 2019.

Lucy Chapman and Ruth Nicholls - Carrick South Both have kept all four sections going in their district ensuring that all that all girls have the opportunity to join in Girlguiding locally. They have also actively encouraged leaders to return to face to face meetings and have made time to do a presentation to the local Trefoil Guild.

Jenny Martin - Penwith

Jenny is a strong and supportive assistant Division Commissioner and helped get Penwith to grow as a division-only area.

Paula Martin - Kerrier Paula has found her forte - sourcing grants for the local guide hut, campsite and for the county. She also is happy to support others to find grants.

Sophie Morcom and Lauren Rosevear - Restormel For their enthusiasm and help at the Royal Cornwall Show.

30 Years Anita Parsons - Carrick North Anita runs 9th Truro Brownie Unit, is a Division Commissioner for Carrick North and soon to be Assistant County Commissioner.

Anne Blake - Restormel Anne runs 1st Tywardreath & Parr Guide Unit, helping and supporting leaders through their residential licences as an Outdoor Activities Advisor and a Going Away With Mentor.

Carole Webster – Restormel

Carole runs 1st Roche Rainbows, Brownies and Guide and the leader of the flower tent teas at the Royal Cornwall Show. Has also been a District Commissioner and Division Commissioner.

Frances Wells - Caradon Tamar

Frances has been a Guide leader, District Commissioner, residential adviser and recently agreed to again become the District Commissioner.

Katrina Bacon – North Cornwall

Katrina has spent 30 years with 1st St Minver Brownies first as assistant leader and then taking on the unit leader role.

County Brooches Karen Evans - Caradon Tamar

Karen has been a Rainbow and Guide leader, District Commissioner, Division secretary and treasurer and Assistant Division Commissioner.

Barbara Hardie-East on behalf of her Mum Jackie Fletcher - Caradon Cotehele Jackie moved to Cornwall and became Division Commissioner, working hard to make a successful and flourishing Division. She will be sadly missed.

40 Years Alison Crooks

Singing Circle.

Delia Whetter – Carrick North

District Helper and Shop Manager.

Mary Eddy – County Treasurer at present and helps out as treasurer for the division, is a mentor, is a county vice president and a former County Commissioner.

Maureen Vickers – among many roles - County Go, Verifier and Leadership Qualification Co-ordinator & Kerensa editor.

Thanks Badge Peter and Mo Keast For their continuing work with the Peace light.

UK Good Service Brooch Mary Hussey – Carrick South

For all she does with the cooking competition.

Hannah Tame – Kerrier

For taking on the role of county Safeguarding lead and in that role being there at the end of a phone with support and advice.

50 Years Pam Johnson – North Cornwall

District Commissioner, Mentor and Verifier, former County Commissioner from Essex South East.

60 Years Rosemary Howells - North Cornwall

2nd Padstow Brownie Unit has been District Commissioner, Division Commissioner and has held many other roles.

Girlguiding Hero Award Cheryl Smith – Caradon Tamar

For her fantastic work organising Service Camp every year.

Laura Johns – Carrick South

For keeping so many involved in guiding with her virtual camp during Covid.

Compass Awards The following members received the Compass award but were not able to attend the celebration day:

Yvonne Jennings Peggy Ellison Anne Harris Elaine Spinks Marilyn Pluess – North Cornwall

For promoting Brownies in her village and her work towards the Guide hut.

South West England Young Adult Award Sophie Morcom - the award was presented by Laura Cottey, our Region Chief Commissioner. Life Members Rosemary Howells Irene Mortimore Special County Award

Lynne Gouldsmith – Restormel

For 25 years as a trainer.

Maureen Vickers

For 20 years as Kerensa editor.

South Crofty Award

Lynne Chandler and Sue Harris

For everything they have done as Assistant County Commissioners.

Penny Congdon

For support and hard work, which is very much appreciated and beyond her ‘working hours’ as County Administer.


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