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Amazing Maisie!

As you may have read previously one of my Brownies, Maisie, had raised £41,000 for charity. She has just celebrated her 2nd year in isolation.

I had nominated Maisie for the Girlguiding Hero award, which she had been accepted for, but then Laura Cottey (Chief Commissioner for South West England Region) had seen the article and wanted to award Maisie her Chief Commissioner Award too!

'I was delighted to award Maisie the Chief Commissioner Award to recognise her incredible achievement in raising over £41,000 for charity. I would also like to thank and celebrate the leaders of 1st Sithney Green Brownies for all they have done to support Maisie and their unit to continue guiding over the last few years. A true show of guiding spirit by all!' Laura Cottey,

After a lot of secret planning with Maisie’s mum, we arranged for her to come and receive these awards at last Wednesday's meeting. I’d told Maisie she had a uniform inspection, so down she came in her smartest uniform (we normally meet at the gate to her family’s farm). The entire unit came out, along with our DC Alison Hallett and our County Commissioner Sue Harris.

Sue, socially distanced, presented Maisie with her awards. I personally shed a few tears, was just so proud of her. I think Maisie was just in a complete state of shock, she’s normally a very chatty and outgoing child, but this had silenced her! Mum said she was still quiet when going to bed that night. A truly humble girl, I think she was just surprised that all her hard work had been recognised and that others thought she was amazing.

I’m so proud she’s part of my unit. Some of her friends who were also in our unit were screaming for joy that they were seeing their friend after such a long time.

It was such an awesome meeting, and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Best comment of the evening goes to Maisie’s younger brother who thought Sue Harris was actually the Queen, and couldn’t believe his sister had an award from her! Even when it was explained to him that she wasn’t the Queen, he remains convinced it was, as Sue has the same hair and lots of badges!!! Who knew our County Commissioner was so famous!

Nicki, leader at 1st Sithney Green Brownies and Rainbows


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