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1st Sithney & Breage Rainbows have lots of fun guiding at home

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

1st Sithney & Breage Rainbows have been carrying on with their guiding activities at home with activities sent out, since the March 2020 lockdown.

In the autumn term we caught up on lots of programme activities - above are some photos of Hattie and her teddy passport for Teddy Travels Unit Meeting Activity (UMA), Maia doing her exercises for Play Time Be Well Skills Builder (SB) and coin rubbing for Know Your Coins UMA.

In spring term we have been doing 1st Hilton Brownies Feathers and Flamingos Challenge - see Isla with her pink flamingo! We have also been doing some more UMA’s - Dollie is with her mermaid mascot made from a toilet roll holder (Mascot Maker) and Annie with her nest (Birdie Builders) containing ceramic ducks!

We are having lots of fun and really looking forward to meeting again :-)

Julia, Rainbow Leader


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