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Dydh da!

Kernewek is the Cornish Language. It is a reviving language, and although it is not often heard in the community there is a growing interest in speaking and using the language. You will notice Kernewek written on street signs, on Cornwall Council signs, and, leaflets, and, in lots of other places.

Download this Cornish Challenge pack to use with your units.

Suitable for all sections, Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Rangers and Trefoil members!

Activities need to be completed across the 5 sections:

  • Greetings and keywords
  • Songs
  • Food and drink
  • Games
  • Heritage and culture

Have lots of fun with the Cornish language, its food and its traditions.

Could you get it to fit with the Brownie Language interest badge?


After all your hard work, badges are available to buy here to celebrate completing this badge.


All funds raised help provide opportunities within Girlguiding Cornwall for girls and leaders. 

Cornish Language Challenge Pack

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