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Thinking (Day) Ahead

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

We all know that our annual subscriptions are due in February, and we know it will be somewhere in the region of £30-£35ish depending on which levels charge what.

We all also know that the last 18 months has been like nothing we've seen before and some units are in financial situations they've never experienced before.

So how can we get in some extra funds for paying well as any extra venue fees and general costs of running a successful unit?

Your community, local businesses, your family and friends - there are so many people out there who would love to make a contribution to Girlguiding i.e. your unit, that will improve the future of girls. The best fundraising is well planned, legal and safe.

There are lots of different ways to fundraise including activities in your local community, challenge events like running a marathon or walking the Camel Trail, applications to trusts and foundations and corporate donations and gifts.

When deciding what type of fundraising to do, start by thinking about what you're raising money for and what you want to achieve. Some projects and activities will fit better with one type of fundraising than another. You may want to consider a mix of different types of fundraising.

Be clear about where your funds are going and what will be done with excess money if more is raised than needed. For example, ‘We are raising funds to contribute to our overseas trip…if we can raise over our target, any excess funds will be used for future trips.’

Have you increased your termly subs recently? It's not unreasonable to increase your termly/weekly subs each year, or to introduce a 'joining fee' to cover the costs of giving a new member a badge book or welcome pack.

Girlguiding also have a number of grants throughout the year, but you need to keep an eye on the Discover, Grow emails to hear about them! Every Parish Council has a 'Community Grant Fund' which you can apply to for a specific outing or project. Have you got parents working for or owning local businesses who could champion your cause for funding help?

Gift Aid is a MUST! Make sure you've got up to date declarations from your parents and get claiming! There will be county training sessions on Gift Aid coming up, so keep an eye out.

Easy Fundraising is another free source of money! Region set up every unit on Easy Fundraising, and when you or your unit parents shop via Easy Fundraising, a donation goes to your unit, for no extra cost! For more information contact the Region Office on 01722 329306.

Girlguiding also has a fundraising toolkit which is available here.


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