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That little red file needs an update!

Every unit must have one (well, MUST have the contents kept together, so having the actual folder makes sense), but I'm sure some have got 'misplaced' or forgotten about along the way.

If you've never seen it, ask the other leaders in your unit where it is kept because all the members of your unit team should know where to find it in an emergency.

Girlguiding's 'Making Guiding Happen' update on 5th May included a link to the new and updated forms that you should be using in your Emergency File. There's even a checklist to help you keep it up to date!

Please take the time to look at these and update your file. In the current circumstances it is absolutely vital, especially as units return to face-to-face meetings, that you have the most up to date versions of these documents in your file. If anything were to go wrong, it's one of the first questions you'd be asked. It keeps us safe, and it keeps our girls safe, which is part of what we sign up to in our Volunteer Code of Conduct.


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