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Tell me more about our County team?

Good guiding is all about teamwork - from unit level upwards we all rely on supportive and supported teams to keep us going.

Back in 2019 it became apparent that our County Executive Structure was not in line with Girlguiding South West England. We formed a Task and Finish group work through how we could change the existing structure and to come into line with that of our Region. Having matching structure means that channels of communication, both up and down, are clear and roles and responsibilities are clearly understood.

We're looking forward to seeing this new structure support our volunteers in their roles at county level, as well as all our fantastic members throughout the county.

The Task and Finish group agreed on the new County Executive Structure, which you can see below. Some new roles have been created, some have remained the same and others have been moved to different teams. We hope that this will give a new dimension to the teams across Girlguiding Cornwall and that our advisers, new and existing, will feel the benefits of these changes.

This structure was passed by Girlguiding South West England and then passed unanimously at our County Exec meeting held on Thursday 18th March 2021.

Jill & Sue, County Commissioners


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