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So what haven't Fowey Brownies done on Zoom?!

From August last year Fowey Brownies have been meeting very successfully on Zoom! The girls know all the tricks of the system while we leaders are still learning!

To begin with we looked at our Promise and our Brownie Guide Law. Brownies were challenged to do a good turn every day. The good turns have ranged from making their beds and tidying their rooms to helping a friend at school with their lessons, walking the dog and playing with younger brothers and sisters.

Listening to their news each week and playing virtual games is also an important part of our time together.

In September and October we moved on to badge work – how to improve our environment by planting chestnuts, acorns and hazelnuts to grow trees. We planted daffodils at The Windmill in Fowey and they looked beautiful this spring.

We baked shortbread and had a local history presentation.

We're delighted to say that we have two new Brownies who made their Promises.

We raised £115 for Children in Need with our sponsored Hop, Skip and Jump!

For Christmas we drew and cut out Hands of Kindness with our good deeds written on the fingers. We then used the hands to decorate our Christmas Tree in the local church and made wooden Snowman Basket gifts for family members.

For this term we have been doing 'Positivity' – positive things like a walk on the beach, counting and listing the birds in our gardens. We have been baking and decorating fairy cakes as well as making bird feeders. Cora has been with us to take us through our Painting Badge, helping us to paint pictures and cards for Mother’s Day. We have even had a Performance Evening of poetry, piano playing, singing and dancing!

We made paper flowers for Easter with help from one of our Dads and two other Dads have volunteered to take us through making a Victoria Sponge and First Aid next term.

Suzanne (Kingfisher) and Maggie (Barn Owl)


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