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Roche Great Region Ramble

Roche Rainbows, Brownies and Guides have been adding their miles to Girlguiding Southwest's Great Region Ramble!

1st Roche Rainbows and 1st Roche Brownies enjoyed a Ramble around the Goss Moor on a bright sunny September evening to complete the Great Region Ramble. The Rainbows walked 1.3 miles and the Brownies 1.7 miles around the Moor. Both groups made lots of pictures out of the clouds (one set of clouds was the steam from a steam train, another a tornado cloud!) and even managed to find all the colours to make a rainbow. The Brownies had the compasses out and watched the sun set and confirmed it set in the west.

Both groups were fascinated by the electricity pylons with one Brownie describing the sound they made "like popping candy in your mouth!"

Roche Guides rambled around the village and went up to Roche Rock, the highest point in the village were they had a spectacular view on such a lovely clear evening. Their ramble totaled 16.5 miles.

All the girls enjoyed their ramble and the activities that went with it.


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