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Rainbows get camping!

8th & 10th Truro Methodist Rainbows enjoyed a fantastic evening, in glorious sunshine, at Tomperrow Campsite. The girls completed a whole range of activities, covering all aspects of a good camp night, to earn their Campfire Challenge badges!

We started by playing Secrets Of Survival UMA and learnt how important it is to stick together, shout for help, find shelter, and keep warm!

Camping - the girls had great fun playing in tents and finding out how many Rainbows can fit into a tent! Later they enjoyed den building, and the challenge of A Race Against Time UMA.

Camp blanket - we made our own badges using foam stickers, created mini campfires with felt flames and craft sticks, and played a fun few rounds of Hiding Hedgehogs UMA. “Who’s missing and what were they holding? … Was it a purple hippo? Or an orange frog?”

Campfire cooking - the girls learned a new skill. Supported by Leaders (and using the Beavers ‘candle with care’ activity card), each Rainbow was given the chance to use a match to light a candle. Then they enjoyed toasting marshmallows and making s’mores! The girls were really careful and very proud!

We learnt all about camouflage with the Hide And Seek Hunt UMA! Dandelion made a set of wood slices painted with ‘things we’d find on camp’ and hid them all along the riverside path. The girls had to find them in secret and remember them. Then each had to recite one and add it to the game ‘I went camping and I saw …’ … a canoe, the sun, a fox, a tent, a compass, etc.

Campfire singing - the evening included a time to sing around our crocheted campfire. Everyone wrapped up warm in their blankets. The ‘Crazy Elephant’ song from the SWE World Thinking Day campfire songs went down well! Our Leader-In-Training Dandelion also made her Promise, much to the delight of the girls.

Finally, we enjoyed a lovely peaceful walk at sunset in the meadow with our torches. And we sang goodbye Rainbows after an excellent, bumper length, evening! And then we did it all again a few days later for our second Rainbow Unit!!


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