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Guiding in Hiding

Well, the Hidden Valley anyway!

Way back in 2019 Restomel Division asked the Guide and Ranger Leaders if they would in interested in ‘Guide and Ranger Away Day’ it was a resounding YES! A date was set for September 2020 and the activity decided, something a bit different - Hidden Valley near Launceston.

All systems go, then the coronavirus hit, so the day was put on hold.

As life slowly began to get back to normal it was decided to try again for September 2021. On Saturday 25th September, one year later than planned and two coaches and 63 Guides, Ranges and a couple of Brownies and Leaders descended on the Hidden Valley.

To make the day go smoothly a timetable was set, to make sure that all 63 Guides, Rangers and the few Brownies didn’t all turn up at the same place at the same time. The three activity sites set were Baffling Brain, Forbidden Mansion, and Muddlers Mystery Trail with Tremuddlewick Village.

The Forbidden Mansion was a bit like escape rooms, with little escape hatches that you had to slither down. Luckily there were doors for the Leaders to use! There was an upside down room and so many different challenges to do.

A member of Roche Guides made her very first Guiding Promise.

Baffling Brain Trail had two trails, one a bit harder than the other. You had to follow a trail and work out the 15 clues, very baffling! We had to retrace our steps to find them all.

At Tremuddlewick Village the Guides thought the toilet was hilarious and kept going back!! But we had to keep going on to crack the Muddlers Mystery Trail, not sure if everyone cracked this mystery.

After all the challenges it was time for a bit of downtime...train ride, perfect.

We met up for lunch and again at the end of the day when most of the units took part in the Maze competition, although one unit was still trying to get out of the Forbidden Mansion! Each unit had to get their unit's necker to the centre of the Maze. Our Division Commissioner, Val, was overseeing fair play from the top of the tower. Roche Guides were 1st closely followed by Tywardreath, and Mevagissey came 3rd.

To end the day everyone had some free time before getting back on the coaches. The day was a great success, but somewhat exhausting...or was that just me!!

I would definitely recommend a visit.

Carole Webster

Restormel Assistant Division Commissioner


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