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Girlguiding Allsorts

Putting the sweetness back into guiding!

On 6th November, after hours of preparation, Girlguiding Cornwall's trainers were ready to welcome over 60 leaders to their first face to face county day since 2019!

The morning was a refresher on the Programme, promise and Five Essentials and the afternoon was a mix of one-hour workshops on anything from 5-minute fillers, to sleepover themes, Region resources to investigating the county Science box, not to mention Penguin's Christmas Craft bonanza!

The feedback from everyone who attended was really positive, and the atmosphere at the event was buzzing with the excitement of seeing each other in person. But if you weren't able to attend, here's a taster of what you missed:

Region Resources

A whistlestop tour through some of our Region's activity packs with activities to try, and the the resources available to have a look through.

Non-cook cooking

A session full of mixed emotions and food. Concentration as monster faces, apple donuts and marshmallow snow people were created on one side of the room. Whilst on the other side frustration / determination ruled as apples were being tied to the tops of jam jars.

Lots of conversations and discussions were had on how to adapt the activities for different sections, adapt recipes for children with allergies, how they could be linked into different themes and how they could all be completed safely.

5-minute fillers and outdoor games There was a bit of a cross-over between these sessions, looking at a whole range of ideas for inside or outside games and activities - 5 minute fillers was focused on activities needing no, or very little, preparation or equipment, and outdoor games looked high-energy games needing larger space, and some equipment.

You can find a list of the games from the 5-minute filler session here.

Penguin's Christmas Craft Bonanza

Sometimes even the trainers find themselves with too much accumulated craft...Lynne jumped at the chance to empty her loft and sent all her participants home happily laden with ideas, supplies and enthusiam to get creative with their units!


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