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Accounts for Commissioners

December is just around the corner and as a Commissioner you are responsible for ensuring that each unit in your District/Division has its accounts independently reviewed (by someone outside the unit and not a family member) once a year. The financial year for Girlguiding Cornwall is 1st January to 31st December.

At the end of the financial year, each Unit needs to:

- Produce an annual accounts statement

- Produce a statement of assets and liabilities

- Have the accounts reviewed independently

Encourage leaders to use the Girlguiding accounts pack as the annual statement is built into it!

To make your life easier, make sure you:

- Agree a timeline with the leaders for when you will require their accounts

- Set a deadline and follow up any late returns

- Remember that account records must be kept for 6 years (plus the current financial year)

What should an end of year review include?

Firstly, if your unit, District or Division's annual income is below £25,000, an independent review of the accounts is required by Girlguiding.

If the income is above £25,000 it is a legal obligation to obtain a more in-depth examination of the accounts and in some cases you may need to file your accounts with the Charity Commission.

The review itself should cover, as a minimum, a log of receipts and payments. Units, Districts or Divisions should also provide, if required:

- Cash account pages

- Bank statements

- Paying-in slips

- Cheque book stubs

- Invoices

- Receipts

- Attendance registers

- Subscription records

Plus any other financial documents that are required by the reviewer.

Remember - a review of accounts is a summary of the accounts, making sure they balance and that the unit has enough money. It isn't a full audit.


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