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90 years young and still dancing!

On 22nd May, 10th Falmouth Guides celebrated their 90th birthday, and with the current social distancing regulations there was only one way to celebrate: a silent disco in a field!

The Guides were joined by Falmouth Rangers, and a Guide from Torpoint who had been coming along to our zoom meetings since September, it was great to be able to meet her in person! We welcomed two Brownies who are moving up after half term - what a great first meeting! We also were joined by Jean Whetham, our Division Commissioner who was a leader at the unit about 20 years ago.

When the girls arrived they were given a beautifully decorated party bag with all items they needed for the afternoon - including the all important headphones!

We started with up-cycling the wood from our old camp flagpole by doing some nail

weaving, which will be made into a memento for the 90th anniversary. We then moved onto decorating solar light bulbs for the girls to take home to remember the event, and also some essential pom poms to dance with. Then the party really began!

A highlight was definitely when we had a mass, socially distanced, dance to the macarena!

We had playlists created by the Guides and another by the Rangers and there was certainly

a variety of musical genres! A highlight was definitely when we had a mass, socially distanced, dance to the macarena. We paused to enjoy the packed tea that the girls brought with them before getting back to the dancing. Before we finished we also enjoyed some amazing cupcakes that had been generously donated to us by a cake maker in Falmouth who had attended the unit as a guide.

Summer was absolutely buzzing with excitement after having a lovely day with you all!

Guide parent

We're not sure what the first 1931 members of 10th Falmouth Guides would have thought of our very 2021-style celebrations, but we all have lots of fun and that's the important thing that has stayed the same throughout the 90 years of our Guide unit.


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