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"We are all golden sunflowers inside"

How to earn your badges

Simply use your learning platform record and your own record for local trainings to identify the badges you have earnt.  You can order the badges you have earned. This is all based on trust.  You can back date training completed to November 2021.


Centre of the flower – Only available for a Programme training at County training day. Not available to buy in the shop.

Petals are for all other types of training ie E-learning, Face to Face, bespoke 1 to 1 trainings, fireside. (You will be required to do 2 trainings before you can order petals as they are sold in 2 big petals and 2 small petals). 4 sets are required to make a flower)

Stem – First Response

Leaf left hand – Safespace levels 1 and/or 2 (dependent on role) or YL e-learning module

Leaf right hand – Safespace levels 3 and/or 4 (dependent on role)


You can download a copy of the criteria here: Badge criteria


Badges also available for the badge secretary.

Learning and Development Sunflower

  • The badges are small and best applied with fabric adhesive.

    Why not buy a County tote bag to display your badges on? Available to buy here.

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