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Include, Adjust, Enjoy!

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Girlguiding provides lots of information and templates to help us give all our members the best opportunities that we can. Let's find out more about adjustment plans!

What is a Girlguiding Adjustment Plan?

An Adjustment Plan is there for all girls and leaders to put in place things that will make their life easier when guiding. It could be something such as needing a little more one to one support, helping girls to settle in, making sure that we as leaders know what signs to look out for ahead of a medical need, or it could be that they have a particular dietary requirement. There are different templates available for young members, volunteers, and for specific events.

Why are adjustments important? Girlguiding is an inclusive organisation and to make sure that we offer the same opportunities to all our members, regardless of their needs, we need to be open to thinking about how we can adjust or adapt our meetings, events and activities to allow all our members to take part to the best of their ability.

Which of our members should we use it for? The Adjustment Plan can be used for all our members, from the youngest Rainbow up to our oldest adult volunteer. It's down to individual unit leaders to use these forms, but they are brilliant for making things easier on parents/guardians, our members and leaders. The more the unit team know about a child or fellow team member, the easier it will be to work out what is needed to best support them.

These plans are not just for illnesses or disabilities, but for members that might be struggling mentally, or physically on a long or short term basis. By having theses plans in place, parents and leaders can sit together with the member and talk about what they need to be able to feel like everyone else. Everyone should have the right to a great experience in guiding and these plans can help make that happen.

Why is the plan helpful?

It gives the leaders a structure to what could be a daunting conversation, and assurance that they are putting things in place to help the unit run smoothly. It might identify that extra help is needed, but also helps the member to know that as a leader you are aware and able to help without making a fuss.

Who should be involved in writing it?

One of the best ways is to take time with the parents/guardians and the member, and sit with them to fill it out together, so that they can tell you what is needed. It also gives the leaders time to ask questions if they need to, so that everyone is comfortable with all the information that has been shared, to get the best outcome for the member.

How often should we review it?

It's a good idea to check each term just in case something isn't working, so you can change bits if you need to, or things might have improved and adjustments might not be needed anymore. You will need to review it once a year at a minimum.

Do we have to share the plan with anyone outside the unit team? Once you've completed the Adjustment Plan, your District or Division Commissioner should review it and sign it off. Firstly, this is so they know that you have a member in your unit who needs some adjustments, secondly that they are confident you are aware of those needs and can made any necessary changes.

Do we have to use it if someone has their own information in a similar format?

Girlguiding recommends that you use their templates, but can also have a copy of any existing care plans alongside it. The Adjustment Plans are tailored to Girlguiding activities and can prompt useful discussions which might be missed if you just take a copy of an existing care plan.

Where can I go for more information?

There's plenty of information available and all of the templates/forms you need are on the Girlguiding website, and you can also contact Kylie on


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