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Winter Wellbeing

How has your term been so far this Autumn? Busy? Stressful? Tiring?

We, at the Outdoor team, are no exception. And, with the run up to Christmas now well under way, we felt even more pressure piling on our shoulders. Then we looked at all the things that should be coming up next year - if Covid allows. There’s a lot, especially with the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Can you feel the tension in your shoulders as you read this? If so, you are not alone. We wanted to do something about helping the individual at this time of the year. Let’s face it, the most important person you know is - YOU!

Our challenge will help: relieve stress, lower your blood pressure, improve your cardiovascular system, lose those few pounds you need to remove before you can fit into your planned Christmas outfit, and move those problems swirling around in your brain into solutions.

So, we have this little challenge for you. It doesn’t have to be done, the choice is yours. Nobody is going to be checking on you to see how you are doing. There is no badge or certificate to be gained or bought. It can be done in your own time and requires no special equipment. Based on the 70 year Jubilee celebration, we are inviting you to complete

70,000 steps before Christmas and find 7

things that make you happy.

While you are reeling from the shock of such a large number of steps, let’s just break that down a bit. If you do 2,916.7 steps each day from 1st- 24th December, you will reach your target. That’s not so bad is it? (Mind you, we don’t know how you will manage 0 .7 of a step - perhaps you had better round it up or down.)

We strongly recommend that you complete your challenge out-of-doors, in the fresh air, to gain maximum benefit from it. And while you are out enjoying a little “me” time, here are suggestions of a few things that we hope that you will be able to find to complete the second part of the challenge.

Holly Berries

Ivy Flowers

Puddle jumping



Last leaf on a tree

Smell some pine needles


First icy puddle

First footsteps in a frosty field

First day you can see your breath in the air

Or find your own happy thing and let us know!

Good luck with your challenge. Let’s see if a small amount of steps each day can bring about BIG changes over 24 days, and be amazed at how it all helps de-stress you.

Oh, and by the way, you may want to issue the challenge to your Unit to see how they get on with it too! The Outdoor Team


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