18+ Years Old

There are many ways in which adults can be involved in Guiding, find further information here.

Many volunteers give their time as Leaders or Assistant Leaders for guiding units and get to see girls enjoying events and activities that they have organised.

Other volunteers take on administrative responsibilities, or help out with driving, maintenance or other tasks on an occasional basis.

You can register if you are interested and ready to take up a volunteer role.

Alternatively, you can also keep up with news, events and developments within Girlguiding UK as well as enjoy a range of benefits by becoming an adult member.

Membership of the Trefoil Guild is open to anyone over the age of 18 who has been or still is a member of Girlguiding UK or the Scout Association, enabling them to maintain their links with Guiding and Scouting. However, even if you have never been involved in Guiding or Scouting, a warm welcome awaits anyone who subscribes to our aims and principles.

Adult Members

Adult membership of Girlguiding UK is open to women and men over 18 who believe in the ethos of Guiding and wish to support the organisation.

As an adult member, you will pay an annual subscription and will enjoy lots of benefits as a result. You can keep up to date with all Guiding's news, events and developments by accessing the Members' area of our website.  You can opt to receive Girlguiding UK's ‘Guiding’ magazine, and, of course, you have the satisfaction of knowing you support an organisation that is helping girls and young women achieve their dreams.

Find more information about becoming an adult member, on the appropriate pages of the Girlguiding UK website.

Working with the girls and young women

Whether it's an hour or two every few months or a regular weekly commitment, there are lots of ways to volunteer and help Girlguiding Cornwall put girls in the lead.

Unit Leaders and Assistant Leaders

Whichever age group you choose to work with the Unit will be run by a leadership team of adults, all of whom will have been CRB checked.  At least one of the adults will have completed the Girlguiding UK Leadership Qualification which is a practical training scheme.  The Unit Leader has overall responsibility for the Unit, and will ensure that the administration of the Unit runs smoothly and that records and finance are kept up to date, though these tasks may be delegated to others.

The Unit team will also help the girls to plan the activities they’d like to do and ensure that these run smoothly and safely – having fun themselves in the process!

Unit Leaders are female, aged 18-65. If you decide to become a Leader, you will be assigned a Mentor to help you complete your qualification, and an experienced local support network is there to help.

Unit Helpers and occasional helpers

For those who don't wish to commit to becoming a Leader but do want to work in the unit with girls and young women, the role of a Unit Helper is perfect. Helpers are vital to guiding, not least because Girlguiding UK has a recommended adult-to-child ratio.

Unit Helpers can be either male or female, aged 18–65. Occasional helpers can be any age from 18 upwards. How often helpers work with units varies and is up to the individual.

Support roles

If you’d like to be involved in Guiding but you’re not sure that you have the time to commit regularly, there are plenty of important jobs that can be done in your own time and from your own home. You could:

  • help with unit accounts or administration
  • be the driver for an away day
  • help out at a guiding shop or depot
  • lend a hand with fundraising
  • help out with DIY
  • take part in a one-off session with your local unit, teaching the girls skills such as crafts, pilates or gardening to help them acquire a badge.

To find out how to get involved in this way click on the ‘What is your perfect role’ leaflet.

Find out more about becoming a volunteer

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please click here to access the appropriate page of the Girlguiding UK website, or telephone 08001 695901