Isles of Scilly


Division Contact  :  Julia Wass (Division Commissioner)



Penwith Units

  • 1st Hayle Rainbows
  • 1st Newlyn Rainbows
  • 1st Penzance Rainbows
  • 1st St Ives Rainbows
  • 1st Hayle Brownies
  • 3rd Hayle Brownies
  • 1st Newlyn Brownies
  • 1st Penzance Brownies
  • 1st St Erth Brownies
  • 1st St Ives Brownies
  • 1st Newlyn Guides
  • 1st St Erth Guides
  • 3rd St Ives Guides
  • 1st St Ives Rangers


Isles of Scilly District

  • 1st Isles of Scilly Rainbows
  • 1st Isles of Scilly Brownies
  • 1st Isles of Scilly Guides