A Walking Adventure

Posted by   HooperGraphics on    October 7, 2013

A tor on Dartmoor

Corinne is already an experienced walker - but wasn't expecting the weather to be quite so bad!

"It was a beautiful sunset as we approached Hay Tor on the Friday night looking forward to a fun weekend improving our Level 2 walking skills. There had been a good turnout from Cornwall, and we made up nearly half the attendees.

Sadly, the weather was not on our side and the first night provided thunder, lightning and a lashing of rain. Although the thunder and lightning subsided, the rain didn't, and coupled with thick mist, the conditions on Dartmoor were pretty poor. This didn't dampen our spirits and all walkers got out either training or on leisure walks, fully kitted up in foul weather gear.

Day 2 was better than day 1, being relatively dry but still quite misty. Again, we all set off to either complete our training or for a pleasant leisure walk. As lunch approached, the mist cleared and we were finally able to see Hay Tor again!

As ever with Guiding, the weather did not dampen our spirits and a great time was had by all with good company and fortifying food."

Katherine tells of her journey through the Walking Scheme:

"Back in April this year, I, along with two other guiding buddies, Vicky Bruce and Peggy Ellison, embarked on an adventure – walking! Now, it’s fair to say, that I’ve always been a keen walker. In fact, most of my holidays have incorporated some degree of walking and I invariably take myself off along the coast path.  After returning from a walking holiday in Scotland last year, I really wanted to improve my map reading skills – which, at that time, were pretty sketchy! And my compass skills were non-existent! I didn’t know where to start, then, I read in the County newsletter about the Level 1 walking qualification. I casually mentioned this to both Peggy and Vicky and before we knew it we were all sat in Bodmin guide hut looking at map symbols! Since April, I cannot believe what we have learnt and achieved, and how we have progressed, finally all passing our Level 1 assessment walks/qualification by the beginning of September.

Enjoying a walk

The walking scheme has got us out walking in some beautiful countryside on our doorsteps, which we never knew existed. It has bonded very firm friendships and allowed us to meet new people with similar interests. Many a pair of glasses has been lost along the way and now instead of picking up a book it’s usually a map! But it’s got us laughing and chatting and more often than not, you’ll hear us before you see us! We’ve even been able to pass on and share some of this knowledge already with girls in our District and the aim is to get more girls from our units out and about in the Countryside safely. We have been guided along the way by Sandra (Goodswen), who, I have to say, has been extremely patient with all of us! But, from not knowing how to hold a map properly, to now taking ourselves off and finding our way with a map and compass, it is just incredible!

   Finding the way

But this is only the beginning. We have now started on our Level 2, and have just returned from a training weekend on Dartmoor. All I can say is, thank goodness we did Level 1! The weather, to say the least, was not in our favour. Dartmoor weather is very unpredictable, and while others were basking in sunshine, we were out in the rain, mist and wind, both day and night. I know now that when it rains on Dartmoor, it RAINS!! But this aside, we had a fantastic weekend and it certainly won’t be the last. The instructors were first class and it is a real progression from Level 1. We live in such a beautiful area, bordered by moors, which are there to be enjoyed. So, if you fancy getting out and about more, learning some new skills, tag along on one of the walks that’s advertised or give Level 1 of the walking scheme a try – you really won’t regret it! If we can do it, then so can you!

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