Night at the Maritime Museum

Posted by   MCPR on    February 5, 2018

At 4.30pm on Saturday 3rd February we took over the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth with over 100 Brownies, Guides, Young leaders and Leaders from both Penryn and Falmouth Districts. We gathered in the main museum floor next to (and below) canoes, Olympic sailing boats, Catamaran, dinghies and rafts, with our bedding roles, bags and the odd few suitcases! It truly was a sight to behold. 
After a brief safety talk and introduction where we found out that the only people who had never been to the museum were some of the leaders! (Okay, I'll admit that includes me too). At the same time of this, some of the young leaders and leaders were out getting our chip order from Rick Steins. 
We all headed up to the cafe, to eat our chips before splitting off into 2 groups for the activities. 
Scrap Boat challenge 2 - Copy.JPG
We made boats from scrap materials, then tested them out on the pool to see if they sailed or sank and whether they travelled fast or slow. 

Get Set - Copy.JPGGo - Copy.JPG

Get set....




 ...and GO!




Story of Mistry - Copy.JPGThen we went on a journey with Joe  Kelynak a crew member of the small Cornish fishing boat, Mistry, in 1854 as they sailed from Newlyn to the Gold coast of Australia! 

After a small juice break we set off in smaller groups to experience the museum at night on a magical torch-lit walk. On our return we setup our beds in our sleeping quarters, which for the girls they were lucky enough to sleep in the museum galleries, while us poor adults had to sleep out in the corridors on cold polished concrete. Before bedtime we enjoyed hot chocolate with biscuits and watched 'How to train your Dragon' shorts.  
After little sleep, we started the day at 6am in the morning and after breakfast we tidied up our bedding rolls, watched some more 'How to train your Dragon' shorts, sang Happy Birthday to a couple of Brownie, and our Division Commissioner, Jean Whetham presented a 10 year service award to Penryn's District Commissioner and Rainbow Leader Eve Scott (Me), and finally we thanked our organsier, Sue Harris (Penryn Brownie Leader) for all of her hard work to plan and arrange an awesome sleepover. At the end of that, it was time to say goodbye and head home to sleep! 
Miranda, 7, Brownie said that “the most fun thing was building the little scrap boats with the three different brownie groups. It was great all sleeping in a room - I’m glad it wasn’t a creepy one because we’re only 7! I Enjoyed the hot chocolate right before bed".