A big challenge

Posted by   Sandra on    March 10, 2015

Serving the residents

Wendy Wyatt, from 1st Sithney Green Brownies, and Sithney Green Senior Section has sent this report of a challenging event:

"In January, 18 Brownies and 6 Senior Section girls were asked by The Lowertown Community Group to serve the older (60 yrs plus) residents of Sithney Parish at their annual Christmas supper. 

The event was held in Sithney School and attended by 40 guests. The girls did an amazing job. They arrived at 3pm and immediately began the food preparation and table arranging. The Senior Section took a lead role in managing the Brownies and maintaining a mature and responsible attitude throughout, motivating and delegating where necessary.

Laying the tables

Three courses were served, this included soup which could so easily have been a precarious few minutes but the Brownies met the challenge sensibly and maintained a calm approach. After serving, the girls were able to have a short time to relax before beginning the big clear up. They were on duty until 7pm so it was a very tall order as some of our Brownies are still only 7 years old.

Many of the Brownies spent time socialising with the older guests and listening to their stories. This was invaluable to the visitors, several of whom praised the girls' cheerful and uplifting attitude. One lady in particular shared the knowledge that she had sadly been recently widowed and hadn't ventured out socially for quite a while. It had been a challenge for her to attend the Christmas meal but her time with the girls had made it well worth it.

We (as leaders) feel very privileged to have been part of the event, and proud of the girls' commitment to making a small difference in the lives of the people we share our community with."

Jan Crooks, Sam Reed, Lisa Worley, Wendy Wyatt and Cynthia Beech